The Covid-19 pandemic has forced people to adopt new practices and tweak old existing traditions. One such trending ritual is “exchanging masks” at the weddings.

The pandemic has paved way for many changes in our lifestyles. And bridal and groom masks have become among the essentials in the couture market. Many have already adapted to the idea of wearing masks in the wedding festivities. Fashion designers have been designing masks that match the brides’ and grooms’ attire.

The designers are of view that these face masks would be trendy and fun accessory to match with women lehengas and men turbans or sherwani. These face masks are the way forward and everyone would want to grab a piece of designer masks while attending a wedding.

Though most celebrations involving big gatherings have been cancelled, a number of wedding ceremonies did take place following lockdown restrictions. Around a month back, a photo of Nepalese couple got viral in the social media for making each other wear face masks during the wedding ceremony. This was the start!

Sweta Adhikari (adhsweta) originally posted the clip on TikTok and it was viral in no time. The bride and groom made each other wear masks like garlands and the guest applauded. It was an unusual sight seen at the wedding.

Wedding Mask Exchange

Image Source: The Indian Express

The world has changed in a few months due to the pandemic and so have weddings all over the world. Couples have to cancel/postpone their weddings due to COVID-19. However, with restrictions getting loosened up, people are back with weddings. The rules of the games have changed as the maximum number of guests allowed is 50. So, while parents are busy cutting down the guest list, brides and groom are picking up their last-minute wedding accessories like face shields and masks.

Face shields and masks are the new wedding accessories in the “new normal”. And it’s best to embrace this new change with a masked smile :P.

These face shields and masks are on high demand and are now geared to make its global fashion debut. And especially in India, there is no bigger platform than great Indian weddings.

While reading about these face masks, I came across a picture, where the bride was wearing a face shield and the make-up artist was in the PPE kit while doing the make-up. While women are matching their masks to their attire, men who use turbans for a wedding are planning to wear matching masks with their turbans.

Be it a cheerful Mehendi ceremony or an elegant wedding reception, brides and grooms are grabbing all the strings of elegance, charisma, and gripping the attention of the guests with their new trendy designer masks.

Bridal masks

Image Source: Shaadwish

Needless to say, but these masks have actually charmed us with their appealing colors and designs.

People are getting really creative and at the same time they have been maintaining safety protocols as well. And how can we forget about the live streaming of weddings for those who could not attend the wedding. This is the `“New Normal”.

Though many of us have accepted to live with COVID-19, we cannot stop taking precautions.

[Be Safe: While we have been taking all the necessary precautions, it’s really important to take care of yourself and as well as people around you. Wear masks- designer, or a simple one, whatever suits you but make it a regular practice and keep a sanitizer with you whenever you head out.  And yes, eat healthy, balanced meals, exercise regularly, and get a good sleep.]- The basic practice that we should follow!


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