I woke up one morning and realized that I couldn’t smell my face wash or taste my toothpaste. I ran to grab a bite of my breakfast and I couldn’t taste it either. To my surprise there were no other symptoms of Covid-19. But yes, loss of sense of taste and smell is one of the symptoms that you have Corona. And tadaa….get ready for quarantine!

This was the worst part : being a foodie and a food blogger and you just can’t taste your favorite food.

Not being able to enjoy the simple gratification of food felt tremendously unfair.

I am one of those persons who don’t eat just for survival but because food brings me joy either it is cooking or eating. Losing my sense of taste and smell made me felt terrible. Every chew felt like adding insult to the food. I didn’t know what I was eating,I was eating because I was starving and that’s not me!

Being a food blogger and content writer, I spent hours on social media, and there were endless number of posts related to delicious food. Averting my eyes, I hoped my taste-buds would return so that I can hog on to these scrumptious dishes and take pleasure in these small things!

It felt even worse when I couldn’t enjoy even a simple home-cooked meal or treat myself to a takeaway that would provide me a bit of happiness!

But without a sense of taste or smell, what joy is there in cooking? Even the act of cooking can feel more dangerous — what if I don’t smell something that’s burning?

However, I tried my best to enjoy whatever I was eating reminiscing my good old days when my tastebuds were perfect!

Thankfully, the symptom is temporary. Now, there is solace once again in cooking and pleasure in eating!