Soups just do not soothe your soul but are extremely nutritious and healthy for your body. So, ward off the winter chill with these easy yet delicious soup recipes. These soups are healthy and a bowl of soup can also be one of the easy comfort meals.

Bottle Gourd Soup

This soup is nutritious and delicious at the same time. Low in calories and will keep you satiated for a longer period of time. A Perfect Weight Loss Recipe!


Bottle Gourd- 1

Moong Dal-1/2 cup

Garlic-3-4 cloves

Cumin Seeds- a pinch

Water-1 cup

Milk-1-2 cups

Salt- as per taste

Black Pepper Powder-1/2tsp

Lemon Juice-1tsp



  1. Soak Moong Dal for an hour. Wash bottle gourd and peel it off and cut it into dices.
  2. Heat ghee/butter in a pressure cooker. Add cumin seeds and the seeds start to crackle, add chopped garlic and saute it till it turns brownish.
  3. Add soaked moong dal and diced bottler gourd. Add 1 cup of water.
  4. Add salt and stir well. Close the lid and cook it for 10-12 mins.
  5. Once it gets cooled down, add milk and grind to make a soup. This soup would be creamy. So, if you want to add cream, you can add that as well.
  6. Now, again boil it. And add black pepper powder. Let it boil for 5-7 mins more.
  7. You can add more herbs like oregano, basil, etc.
  8. Add lemon juice and serve hot!

2. Sweet Corn Soup

A simple, comforting, and delicious soup that can be made instantly.One of the best soups to satisfy your food cravings.

Sweet corn soup


Sweet Corns- 1 can

Garlic- 3-4 cloves





Water-1-2 cups

Milk- 1 cup


Black Pepper-1/2tsp

Salt- as per taste



  1. Chop onions, capsicum, carrots, and garlic into fine pieces.
  2. Heat butter in a pan, add chopped garlic, saute it until it turns brownish. Add chopped onions and is starts getting translucent, add carrots and capsicum. Do not overcook these veggies. Just saute them a bit.
  3. Make a paste with water, milk, and cornflour. Make it a little watery and please make sure there are no lumps. So stir it evenly and add to the sauted veggies.
  4. Add sweet corns, salt, oregano, and black pepper. Stir it well and let it boil for 10-12 mins.
  5. Sever hot with garlic bread or soup sticks!

3. Beetroot Soup

A Vegan Soup, full of flavor! Full of vitamins and minerals, packed with antioxidants, this soup would give you all the health benefits. Add tomatoes and carrots with beetroot and relish the soup!

Beetroot Soup


Beetroot-2-3 (small)


Coriander Leaves-a few leaves

Cumin seeds- a pinch

Sugar (optional)-1tsp

Salt-1/2tsp (or as per taste)

Black Pepper Powder-1/2tsp


  1. Wash and peel off beetroot and cut it into pieces. Dice the tomatoes as well.
  2. Heat pressure cooker and add beetroot, tomatoes, coriander leaves, and cumin seeds. Add 1 cup water. Close the lid and let it cook for 7-10mins.
  3. Once it gets cooled down, taranser it to a blender. Blend it into smooth puree and add water if required.
  4. Transfer it to a pan, add salt, sugar, and black pepper powder. Let it boil for 5-7mins.
  5. Serve hot!

4. Almond Broccoli Soup

A protein-rich, creamy, and healthy soup is a must to add to your diet. It is highly nutritious for kids as well as adults.


Almonds- 15-20

Broccoli- 1

Garlic- 4-5 cloves

Milk- 2-3 cups

Water- 1/2cup

Salt-1tsp (or as per taste)

Black Pepper Powder- 1/tsp

Oregano- 1/2tsp

Butter- 2-3 tsp


  1. Boil the broccoli florets and strain them.
  2. Soak almonds in warm water and peel them off.
  3. Blend broccoli florets and almond together in a blender to a paste. Add water if required.
  4. Heat butter in a pan, add chopped garlic. Saute it.
  5. Add the broccoli and almond paste to the pan and add milk to make creamy and consistent.
  6. Add salt, black pepper powder, and oregano. Stir it well. Keep stirring it for a while and let ot boil for 5-mins.
  7. Enjoy this delicious creamy hot soup!

5. Pumpkin Soup

The slightly sweet, earthy flavor of the yellow pumpkin, along with herbs and spices gives this soup a sweet and savory taste. Healthy, creamy, and keeps you cozy in the winters!


Pumpkin-1 (small)


Milk-2-3 cups

Sugar (if required)- 1tsp

Salt- 1tsp (or as per taste)

Black Pepper Powder- ½ tsp


  1. Add diced pumpkin in a pressure cooker. Add 1/2cup water. Let it cook for 10 mins.
  2. Add milk and grind it to make it smooth.
  3. Add salt and black pepper. And let it boil for 10 mins more.
  4. Relish this nutritious soup in a wintery night!