As soon as February comes around, Valentine’s Day tiptoes like a high-grade fever. The whole world gets geared up to celebrate the season of love with roses, chocolates, delicacies, and gifts. Couples get busy planning their getaways, romantic dinners, and surprises. The month of February gets too exciting for some couples but not for every couple. Some think it’s stressful, over-rated while for others this day marks an important celebration.

February 14th is the day to celebrate love in general, but it’s widely recognized as a day to be celebrated by the people who share a romantic relationship. There is nothing wrong with wanting to celebrate the day of love but the commercialization and the hype sometimes push love to the backseat.

It’s been 6 years that I am in a relationship but celebrating a day just for expressing love is not the kind of relationship I would ever want. With this day comes the pressure on couples as they get busy arranging over-the-top expensive flowers, the perfect gift for their loved ones, a fancy dinner, or a romantic surprise. What I feel is romance need not be forced, spontaneous affection is way more fun. Don’t you think so?

I would happily take someone who doesn’t show up with flowers or expensive gifts for someone who shows up every other day and makes me smile. I know it might sound boring, but practically, this is what we all want!

I feel loved when my partner gets me a hot water bag and a cup of green tea while I am chumming. I feel loved when my partner understands my silence. I feel loved when he gives me a good night and good morning kiss. I feel loved when my partner hugs me when I am feeling low. I feel loved when he keeps snacks by the bedside as he knows how much I love to munch in the midnight.

couple cooking together

It would be wrong to say that you can’t do both; you can find someone who has enthusiasm for celebration as well as takes care of these little things. But I appreciate the little things in life that add up to the big ones. I think couples do not need one specific way to show love and affection to each other. We can celebrate love on any day without any pressure. There should be no need to celebrate the spirit of love on just one particular day. The time spent together is more meaningful than celebrating a fancy Valentine’s Day.

Wouldn’t it be more romantic to surprise your partner on a random day than on Valentine’s Day? Aren’t these the moments to be cherished and remembered?

Valentine’s day is just another day that is commercialized. Why spend money on overpriced roses, candy hearts, vaguely worded cards, and presents with no sentiments. 

Please do not get me wrong. We believe in celebrating love but, our way of expressing love is a bit different. We do not take stress or pressure from advertisements and social media to do something extravagant on a special occasion. For us, these occasions are like other days as we celebrate love every day!

Every couple has their way of expressing love and affection. But with time, this expression has turned merely into a “couple contest” or “social media gimmick”. These days Valentine’s Day is just another social media highlight. You know the snuggle and lovey-dovey photos are just half the story: one rosy moment and the messy ones would never make the Instagram story!

It’s not about saying bye-bye to good old romance, but the commercialization of Valentine’s Day ruins the real sentiments of celebration. Spending some quality time with your partner, sharing some homemade meals, watching your favourite show together would be a better idea than spending on an expensive gift, or waiting for hours to reserve a table at a restaurant. These are the little things that matter in a relationship. Taking care of these little things would make your relationship strong, and you would never require any materialistic support or effort to make your relationship grow. 

Sure, a box of chocolates, a bouquet of roses, fancy gifts can be fun and mesmerizing but, don’t let these or lack of these things take away from the many other meaningful moments.