When you think of pasta, it’s cheesy, saucy, tangy and buttery. But have ever thought of eating or making pasta without cheese or any sauce but just a few herbs? Try out my recipe and you will love it!

 Required time: 10-12mins


Gluten Free Pasta

Olive Oil



Chili flakes




  1. Boil water in a pan, add pasta, simmer the flame and let it boil for 10-12mins
  2. Drain the water and let the pasta cool down
  3. Take a pan, heat olive oil and add pasta
  4. Add salt, pepper, oregano and chili flakes
  5. Toss it well
  6. Your pasta is ready!


  1. Instead of olive oil, you can use butter
  2. If you like the garlic flavor, you can sauté chopped garlic or garlic paste and add the ingredients later.
  3. You can also add onions, capsicum, olives and other veggies that you like.