Spinach and corn is quite a popular combination and I love this combination in curries as well in sandwiches! This sandwich has fresh spinach and sweet corn mixed in a white cheesy sauce with herbs. The filling is quite cheesy and delicious. You can have it in your breakfast or just pack them for a quick lunch!

 Required time: 10-12mins


Whit/Brown Bread-4 slices





Mayonnaise-2 tablespoon





Chili Flakes

For White sauce

Flour-2 tablespoon

Milk-3 cups

Oil-1 tablespoon


For White Sauce

  1. Heat oil in a pan, add flour and cook until it turns brown.
  2. As it turns brownish in colour add milk and keep stirring it to avoid lumps.
  3. Simmer the flame as it thickens.
  4. Your white sauce is ready!

For Sandwiches

  1. Soak spinach in the water and wash it off properly and drain the water
  2. Boil spinach for 5-10mins.
  3. Drain the water again and let it cool down
  4. Chop onions and capsicum
  5. Add chopped onions, capsicum, spinach and corn into the white sauce
  6. Add mayonnaise, grated cheese, salt, pepper, oregano, chili flakes according to your taste
  7. Mix it well
  8. Spread the mixture on one side of the bread and you can grate more cheese over the mixture and cover it with the other slice of the bread.
  9. Spread butter on the top and place the sandwich in the sandwich maker or oven
  10. Cheesy Corn Spinach Sandwich is ready!