COVID-19 pandemic has reminded everyone the importance of health and strong immune system. While medicines are indispensable in fighting such aggressive virus, our best defense lies within our bodies.

The drastic increase of the novel virus has increased the demand for immunity boosters, dietary supplements that improves overall health and aid in building strong immune system and also improve resistance to health threats.

Every health facilities have been highlighting the importance of strong immune system in fighting the virus and recommended to eat a balanced diet, exercising regularly and also suggested some home remedies with Ayurvedic medicines.

While conventional healthcare is still widely preferred, there is also a growing demand for other alternative medicines like herbal/ayurvedic medicines. We have been observing that people are gradually shifting to Ayurveda as these medicines have fewer side effects and carry low toxicity level. These medicines actually possess nutritional value and boost immunity as well over a period of time.

Ayurveda-Curative Treatment

Don’t you think eliminating a health issue completely is far better than preventing it? And if people start taking Ayurvedic treatment at an early stage of any health issues, he/she will have to suffer lesser problems.

The Ayurvedic system emphasises on healthy lifestyle and focuses on understanding the individual’s disease and proposes for a holistic and individualistic approach. Ayurveda extensively promotes the usage of herbs, exercise, diet, and a healthy lifestyle.


Ayurveda provides curative treatment to all diseases and eliminate it completely. It just not focuses on effectively treating the disease but also permanently healing the person. Ayurveda is more successful, as it’s nature-based and remedy the root issue. The Ministry of Ayurveda, Yoga, & Naturopathy, Unani, Siddha and Homeopathy (AYUSH) also issued and advisory during the pandemic in India highlighting the  importance of Ayurvedic medicine and some tips to boost the immunity to fight the virus. These tips included drinking warm water, herbal tea, and golden milk, with some Ayurvedic remedies.

Ayurveda-Trending Among Millenials

With the anxiety around the pandemic, people are seeking traditional medicines and remedies to catch comfort.

Did you ever think Haldi shot could be trending? Yes, it is!

Millennials have been opting out for haldi shots and Ayurvedic capsules after a night out.

Millenials have started taking serious interest in protecting their elders and also investing in their long-term health. There is a perception that western medicines or allopathy has a momentary impact. As such people have started researching more on Ayurveda and implementing the same in their daily routine.

They have started taking Giloy, tulsi, neem, ashwagandha, etc. herbs or kadha (Juice made with different Ayurvedic herbs) instead of some protein powder or other immunity booster. They have realised the importance of natural herbs and their properties in boosting immunity and keeping the balance.

The demand for traditional brews and blends have spiked to a great extent this year. All thanks to the pandemic!

So, isn’t shifting to Ayurveda a better option for overall health and happiness as health and happiness go hand-in-hand.