I was browsing through some summer cooler recipes and came across Chef Kunal Kapoor’s recipe of Watermelon Sorbet. Well, it’s Kunal Kapoor’s recipe, so I had to try it.

Tried whipping this watermelon sorbet with the perfect and easy recipe of the Masterchef. This recipe is perfect for summer, it’s sweet, refreshing, healthy, and vegan.

If you want to try something icnew this summer, it’s a must-try!



Mint leaves

Lime Juice

Sugar (optional)


1. Dice the watermelon. Add sugar, lime juice, and mint leaves. Blend in the jar to make the juice.

2. Strain it properly so that no lumps are left.

3. Add the juice into an ice-cream mold or atray that you can freeze.

4. Keep it in the freezer without covering it for 4-5 hours.

5. Scoop it with the ice-cream scooper and relish it in this hot weather!