Momo traces its roots to Nepal, Tibet, Bhutan, and China. Momo has traveled the farthest of all foods. It is very popular on the streets of Delhi as well as at five-star hotels as “Stuffed Dumplings”.

In Nepal, Momo is comfort food that is very much a part of their diet. They stuff momos with different fillings like chicken momos, cheese momos, paneer momos, and other stuffings.

Momos are basically dumplings stuffed with delicious vegetables like cabbage, carrots, onions, capsicum filling. It’s spiced with garlic, ginger, and black pepper that gives it a delightful taste. It’s wrapped up in the cutest little round package, steamed, and served with hot tomato and sesame chutney.

Try it out, you will love it for sure!


For the Outer layer of Momos

All-purpose flour-1 cup

Salt-a pinch


Water- as required

For Stuffing

Veggies: Cabbage, Onions, Capsicum, Carrots, Green Chilies, and Garlic (5-6 cloves)


Everest Momo Masala (you can get in any grocery store)-3-4tsp


Black Pepper-1tsp

For Chutney



Dried Red Chilies-3-4

Garlic-3-4 cloves

Ginger Paste-1tsp

Sesame Seeds-1-2tsp


Turmeric Powder-1/2tsp

Red Chili Powder-1tsp



For Stuffing

1. Chop all the vegetables finely in a chopper.

2. Heat oil in a pan and add these vegetables and saute it for a few minutes.

3. Let the veggies cool down.

4. Add salt, pepper, and momo masala.

For Momos

1. Mix flour and salt in a bowl, add water. Sprinkle some oil over the dough and knead it again to make it soft.

2. Divide the dough into equal portions and roll the dough into think circular shapes.

3. Stuff the veggie mixture in the dough and give it a shape. Add the stuffing into the center of the rolled dough and using your thumb and pointer finger, flute the dough, and pinch it together.

4. Repeat the same for all the rolled dough.

5. Heat the water in a steamer.

6. Place the momos on the steamer plates.

7. Steam the momos on a medium flame for about 20minutes.

8. Alternatively, you can even bake these momos in the oven or steam and fry them.

For Momo Chutney

1. Heat oil in a pan, add sesame seeds. Cook the sesame seed still it gets brownish n color.

2. Add chopped onions and garlic. Saute it until they turn golden in color.

4. Add chopped tomatoes, dried red chilies, and ginger paste.

5. Add salt, turmeric powder, red chili powder. Mix it well.

6. Let it cool down.

7. Transfer it into the mixer and grind it into a smooth paste.

8. Spicy Momo chutney is ready!