Coronavirus pandemic continues to cause anxiety and panic all over the world. With ever-increasing counts, curfews, lockdowns, schools and businesses closure around the world, it’s no wonder questions are swirling.

The novel coronavirus has changed how we work, play, and learn!

We are physically distanced from our friends, relatives, and have been avoiding public places. Amidst all these, many are financially strained and out of work. This pandemic has infiltrated every aspect of our life and we are already longing for it to end. But this fight might last for months, we actually have no idea!

Some people might be of the view that it’s not social distancing that would save us from COVID-19, but let me tell you, this strategy saved thousands of lives both during the Spanish flu pandemic of 1918 and 2009 flu pandemic in Mexico.

We understand that social distancing is crucial to contain the spread of the coronavirus, but it may also lead to poor health in the long run. So while physical isolation is required, it’s important that we should not get into social and emotional isolation.

Amidst the coronavirus chaos, life continues. And there is one industry that’s running with full speed, the online humor, meme-makers, and TikTok video makers. With these memes, we have some lighter moments to relax in this stressful time. And these memes help people to be calm in the face of the new reality of living in a world with the novel coronavirus.

A search for “coronavirus” or “COVID-19” on any search engine or social media would give you thousands of memes and videos seeking the humor in this tense and petrifying situation.

As more and more employees and workers have been confined to “work from home”, memes reacted to “work from, home” have taken over the internet.  These work from home memes are some of the best ones:




As hand sanitizers and disinfectants are in shortage, there are some really funny and interesting memes that we have seen:


Bollywood Actress Kangana Ranaut shared a still, from her popular movie “Fashion”, in which she is seen wearing a mask and a sanitizer in her hand.


 Some people are creating informational content as well.



And here are some of the lockdown memes




And yes, how can I forget some Whatsapp forwards! Somehow, coronavirus has become a medium for some men to complain about their wives. As they are staying at home, they joke about the chances of their death, not by the coronavirus, but because of their wives.

I think it would be better for them to wonder about where they went wrong in their relationship that they have to make these kinds of jokes, so spend some time to know how you can treat your loved ones with respect. This could be a time where you can reignite love and bond with your partner.

I think in times like this, memes and videos can lighten the situation but some memes, jokes, or videos cross the line and become inappropriate. But when used in the right way can help to ease people’s minds and even put things into perspective.