Mahashivratri is here and Hindus all across the world have geared up to delight Lord Shiva on this auspicious day. While devotees chant mantras and prayers throughout the night, Mahashivratri Vrat/Fast is also of utmost importance. Some devotees fast without even taking a single drop of water while some observe fast with fruits, water, milk and other Falahaar (food eaten during fast) and keep them hydrated.

Hindu mythology suggests that fasting on this auspicious day of Mahashivratri helps one to achieve power over the two great forces that bother a person-rajas guna, the quality of passionate activity and tamas guna, the quality of ignorance.

So, if you are all set to soak deep in ecstasy by fasting on this big day, here are some foods that you can eat and celebrate this festival deliciously!

1.     Kesar Shrikhand


It’s a simple dessert that will cool you right down.  Shrikhand is a creamy Indian dessert paired with saffron, cardamom, creamy curd, and you can add fruits like mangoes and pineapple. So, whip this up!


Yogurt/Hung Curd- 2 cups (thick and fresh)

Powdered Sugar-1/4th cup

Saffron- a few strands

Cardamom Powder-1/2 tbsp

Chopped almonds- a few for garnishing

For recipe:

2.     Grated Carrot Salad


Carrots are crunchy, tasty, and highly nutritious. Carrots have various health benefits. It’s rich in fiber, potassium, Vitamin A, and antioxidants. It also helps in reducing the risk of cancer and cardiovascular diseases.

This delicious Carrot Salad is a healthy side dish filled with fresh flavors. Grated carrots are tossed with a lightly sweet and tangy flavor giving it a delectable taste. This is the best carrot salad recipe ever. This recipe is vegan and healthy!

It’s super-easy to make!



Green Chilies-2

Salt-as per taste

Sugar- 1 teaspoon

Lemon Juice-2-teaspoon

Oil-1/2 teaspoon

Mustard Seeds- a pinch

Follow the recipe here:

3.     Falahaar Platter


  1. Sabudana/Tapioca Pearl Pilaf

Sabudana Khichdi is one of the most popular dishes and is made mostly during fasts. The tapioca is coated with crunchy roasted peanuts with spices and a generous squeeze of lemon. It’s a meal for all ages.

Everyone loves Tapioca, isn’t it? When you make tapioca, at times it might turn out mushy and sticky, so, to learn how to make a perfect tapioca pearl pilaf, here is the recipe.

Required Time: 10-12mins


Sabudana/Tapioca- 2cups

Potatoes-2 medium sized

Green Chilies

Curry Leaves

Fennel Seeds



Lemon Juice

Coriander Leaves

Salt/Rock salt

Chili Flakes/Red Chili Powder


Here’s your recipe:

  1. Fruit Salad

Mixing in chunks of ripe fruits will make the eating experience less monotonous and more enjoyable!


  1. Cut all the fruits that you like and mix it well.
  2. Add salt/rock salt, pepper, and lemon juice
  3. Mix it well.
  4. Fruit salad is ready!
  1. Kesariya/Saffron Lassi

Nothing like a chilled glass of Lassi and it’s too filling. A glass of lassi can make your stomach full. So, it’s the best thing to have during fasts. The recipe is very easy to stir up at home.


Thick Curd-2cups

Powdered sugar-3-4tablsepoon (According to your taste)


Cardamom Powder

Here’s your recipe:

4.     Peanut Chaat


Peanut Chaat is a combination of peanuts, tomatoes, cucumbers, spices and a generous squeeze of lemon juice. It is a delicious and satisfying snack with low fat. It’s very easy to make and can be served as an appetizer or anytime spicy snack!

Required Time: 5-7mins


Peanuts- 1 cup



Green Chillies

Lemon Juice-2-3 tablespoon

Rock Salt

Red Chili Powder

Oil-2 tablespoon

Follow the recipe here:

5.     Sago (Sabudana) Cutlets


Sabudana vada/cutlets is a popular Maharashtrian snack made using sago/tapioca also known as sabudana. It’s really delicious, crunchy on the outer side and is soft inside. Sabudana vada is a popular recipe for fasts as it contains no onion and garlic. Sabudana is one of the most common ingredients used for making recipes for fasts.

Required Time: 10-12 minutes


Potatoes-4 big size

Sago (Sabudana)-2 cups

Green Chillies

Coriander leaves

Rock Salt

Red Chilli Powder

Fennel seeds

Oil for frying

Here’s your recipe:

6. Sandesh Cake


Sandesh Cake is a rich dessert with the creamy taste of paneer, milk and an aromatic flavor of saffron and cardamom. This is a simple and easy to make dessert with hardly any cooking involved and can be done in no time. You can even make this recipe anytime during the festive season as well.


Cottage Cheese (Paneer)-200 gm

Powdered Sugar-4-5 tbsp.

Cardamom Powder- 1 tsp.

Saffron- a few strands

Milk- 5-6 tbsp.

Rose Water/Essence(Optional)- 1 tsp.

Here’s the recipe:

So, what’s your pick on this Mahashivratrti?

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