You haven’t had sex in two weeks? You doze off while watching a movie or a show with your partner? Your sweatshirt has become your new favorite piece of clothing?

Winter is here!

Sex is a great workout, a great way to get closer to your partner, and also a perfect way to relax. But, winter sex is a beast to conquer!

The last thing you would want to do is to take your clothes off when it’s freezing.

So, here’s why sex during winters gets difficult?

You don’t actually want to get naked

Undressing in winter is time-consuming as you are layered up so much with boots, socks, jeans, maybe stocking under jeans, jackets, innerwear, and by the time you both are done, it’s spring again! 😀

How can you possibly feel so hot when you feel so cold?


You don’t want your partner to touch you

Imagine frozen fingers running down your back, would you still have the urge of having sex? A few months of abstinence do sound appealing, isn’t it?

The cold toes/bed socks

People with poor circulation might have a conundrum of wearing bed socks during sex (which would be extremely unsexy) or risk their toes getting even colder and coming into contact with their partner’s exposed skin. A tough call, is it?

However, there is good news who believe in “socks appeal”, wearing socks during sex can help you reach orgasm. The more you know…

You become lazy

Being cooped up inside for months with fewer options for activities can lead you to become lazy. This makes you crankier than in the summer as you do not get a good amount of sunlight that boosts your mood. A certain amount of sunlight is needed that helps in boosting your mood, according to a couple therapist, Barton Gold Smith, author of Emotional Fitness for Intimacy.

Mood-Killer: Winter food baby

Pasta, lasagna, roasted potatoes, etc. are the food that we typically eat during winters. And these foods are extremely delicious and keep us warm. These tend to be quite heavy and anyone who has grown a winter food baby knows the only thing you feel like doing in that situation, lying down and waiting for the pain to pass.

But getting naked and bouncing around? Nah, not happening!

However, the fact is that winter is the season to experience the warmth of spirits and have a good time in bed. For some, winter is the time to bundle up in the bed with the partner. It means cuddling and making out and having some fun inside the blanket.

Here, we have come up with some ideas of getting intimate with your partner inside the blanket during winters:

  1. Winter Missionary

Missionary is an easy position to get under a blanket and have your partner climb on top of you and pull off the blanket for your partner. You will be wrapped in the blanket without worrying about chilly weather. This is a very simple and basic position that you can give a try!

  1. Blanket Spooning

A classic spooning position is the best one while having sex in the winters as it’s somewhat like cuddling. And who doesn’t want to be cuddled when it’s cold?

If you are getting wild and it’s terribly cold, spooning is the best option. Lie on your side and have your partner lie behind you and pull off the blanket over you. Get cozy and enjoy winter sex!

  1. Hugging

A warm hug in the winters is just to die for! Sit in a hugging position, facing your partner and wrap your arms and legs around your partner and your partner would be in the same position as well. So, you get to hug each other while you are doing it. This position is exceptionally intimate and perfect for the winters.

  1. Winter Doggy Style

Start in the regular doggy style, and then slide into a collapsed position. So, instead of being on all fours, you both are lying flat on your stomach and legs are straight, one on top of the other. Stay warm under the blanket with this winter doggy style!

Well, winter is coming to an end but we would like to know:

Do you enjoy sex during winters? What’s the best and worst part for you?

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How to Have Sex In Winter Without Freezing Your Butt Off!