Pushkar has always been my favorite place for a short getaway. From Ghats to Cafes, it would need more than a day or two to fully explore Pushkar. Pushkar’s natural marvels, mesmerizing sunrise and lovely sunset over the sand dunes and the lake; the food-cafes with a view of the beautiful lake and some good shopping make Pushkar one of the top destinations to visit in Rajasthan.

Pushkar is said to have over 500 temples and the most significant of all is the Brahma Temple as it is the only Brahma Temple in the world. One should visit this temple not just because of the legends, but because of its beauty and architecture. Savitri Temple is another place that you can visit for the amazing views it offers. It is kind of strenuous and a hard climb uphill, but the sight is worth the visit. From the top, you will be amazed to see breathtaking views of the surrounding regions. However, if you don’t want to climb, you have an option of the ropeway, either way, you can enjoy the beauty.


Pushkar Lake, where Hindu pioneers go to bathe, they believe that by taking a dip in the lake, their wrongdoings will be washed away. I am really not sure to what extent this is true, but yes, you can see many people taking a dip in the lake on the day of Karthik Purnima.


Nevertheless, the lake looks really beautiful in the evening, you just spend some quiet hours sitting on the stairs by the lake, listening to the music coming from all directions, hymns and chimes from the temples or else sit in some nearby café and enjoy the beauty the lake has to offer. I am sure you will love it!!!

The Pushkar Bazaar, one of the most popular places to visit in Pushkar. The collection of items sold in this market provides you a cultural insight of the place. You will get a reflection of a mix of traditional and hippie culture in Pushkar Market. While you are in the market, don’t forget to buy souvenirs and Rajasthani items like bags, dresses, stoles, and showpieces at a great bargain!


Pushkar is heaven for foodies with a range of roadside restaurants, rooftop cafes and eateries serving a variety of food. Some of the not-to-miss foods in Pushkar are Kadhi Kachori, Malpua, Falafel, Muesli and fresh fruit bowl.

Pushkar has many cafes that you definitely should try and enjoy a good meal with family and friends.

La Pizzeria, being one of the famous cafes, people come here for delicious pizzas, pasta and baked potato combos as well as Israeli food. And yes not to forget, Ginger Beer, a refreshing drink that everyone should try.

Sunset Cafe, located near the lake offers amazing views of the lake and the ambience is perfect for relaxing. Watch the sunset from here while sipping a cup of coffee or having tea, when it’s raining or just sit and listen to the music and relax.

The Funky Monkey Café, really famous amongst the tourists, where people can have an exotic view of the Pushkar city. The best part of this café is that it serves great food and there are some menus, which are worth trying such as some desert menus and sweets and savories.

Doctor Alone Cafe, one of the best cafes to chill out and pizza and pasta is just amazing. And limonana, I bet you will not get better limonana anywhere else. So, don’t forget to visit the café for a good meal.

U Turn Café, located right above one of the ghats. The cafe offers a majestic view of the lake and at night, you can see the aarti happen right under a makeshift roof.

If you are planning a trip to Rajasthan between Oct-Nov, don’t forget to add Pushkar in your list as the fair takes place in these months.

You will be amazed to see an array of activities taking place in Pushkar inviting inimitable charm. Pushkar fair or Pushkar ka Mela attracts thousands of tourists to the holy town, Pushkar, every year. The fair is believed to be the world’s biggest cattle fair, pulsating camel race, some of India’s best handicrafts and Rajasthan’s true cultural prowess on display. The camel fair is graced by the presence of over 50,000 camels and more than 10,000 global travelers.

Believe me, you are gonna have a crazy time in Pushkar!

Pushkar has become one of the famous tourist destinations of India. While in Pushkar, you can visit lots of temples, explore the lakes and ghats, enjoy Israeli as well as local Rajasthani food, and  have a look at spectacular sunrise and sunset. Trust me, you will want to come back more often.