Turmeric Pickle or Haldi ka achar is quite famous all over India. There can be many variations in preparing this pickle. Turmeric has a lot of health benefits as well and one should consume Haldi daily and when made in the form of a pickle, it would be delicious. This recipe is very simple and can be made in just 5-10 minutes.


Turmeric/Haldi– 4-5

Green Chilies– 4-5

Oil- 1-2tbsp

Mustard Seeds- 1tsp.

Fennel Seeds- 1tsp

Salt- 1-2tsp

Sugar (optional)- 2tsp

Lime Juice-6-7tsp

Chili Powder-1tsp


  1. Wash turmeric properly and cut it into juliennes. Chop green chilies and mix it with turmeric.
  2. Add salt, chili powder, lime juice, and sugar. Mix it well.
  3. Heat oil in a pan. Add mustard seeds and fennel seeds. Pour the oil over turmeric mixture.
  4. Mix it well. Have it the next day as all the flavors would blend delightfully.