The basic definition of yoga means yoke or union which further relates to the work of uniting your mind, body, and spirit.

A relationship requires various creative ways to connect and create a bond with the partner. There are plenty of ideas like going for a concert, dinner date, movie night, couple spa, but have you ever thought of “couple yoga”?

Yes, yoga with your partner can bring your closer and build a deeper connection with each other.

The benefits of practicing yoga with your partner are endless, but some include improved levels of communication, deeper connection, a deeper expression of thoughts, and encouragement of trust.

Let’s celebrate this International Yoga Day with our partner with these asanas and try to be healthy and fit couples.

  1. Bound Angle Pose or Baddha Konasana

With this pose we will be entering a slightly deeper movement.

bound angle 1.jpg

How to do:

Sit back-to-back with your partner with the soles of your feet together. Now, you need to inhale and lengthen the spine. One partner exhales and folds forward from the hips and keeping the back straight.

The other partner releases their head and shoulders onto their partner’s back and relaxes as their heart and chest expand.

Hold on for a while and come back and inhale. Repeat the exercise and you can inter-change the poses as well.


  1. Forward Backbend or Matsyasana

This asana can be a bit challenging if one partner is more flexible than the other. So, before doing this pose communicate with your partner and take it slow.

forward bend.jpg

How to do:

Sit back-to-back with your partner. One partner extends the legs and folds forward. The other partner bends the knees and places both feet on the floor, beginning to lean back onto the support of the other partner.

Hold on of 4-5 breaths, come up and switch the positions. And check the feedback of the partner and based on the feedback, you can apply more pressure.

This asana would nurture physical connection as you lean into each other.


  1. Seated Cat Cow or Marjaryasana

Cat cows are the yoga poses that are paired together for the partner. It helps to expand the lungs and chest, so focus on breathing during this asana.


How to do:

Remain seated and reach out for each other’s forearms. Maintain affirm grip as you release your shoulders down and back. When you inhale, lift your chest up allowing for a slight arch in your upper middle back. And as you exhale, draw your chin into your chest, and spread your shoulder blades wide apart.

Continue the same movement for a few cycles of breath, and as you warm up your spine, you can lift your gaze up to the ceiling as you inhale and gaze your belly button as you exhale.

Repeat the same for 10-12 rounds.

  1. Back-to-back Chair Pose or Utkatasana

This is a great pose for the beginners as you can support each other. It is a great asana to strengthen the muscles in your thighs.

chair, pinterest.jpg

How to do:

Stand back-to-back with your arms relaxed by your sides. Press your backs firmly together as you walk your feet hip-width apart and then slightly away from your partner’s. Slowly bend your knees and lower down as if you are sitting on a chair.

Pause and take five-seven steady breaths. To transition out. Press into each other to straighten the legs. This position helps in building trust especially during the transition period when you are using the support of your partner.

  1. Partner Twist

This is the simplest of all and would connect you with your partner.

partner twist, 123rf.jpg

How to do:

Start in a seated position with legs crossed at the ankles and your backs resting against each other. Rest hands on thighs or knees and allow yourself to feel connected with your partner. Inhale and reach arms overhead, lengthening the spine as you reach up. Exhale and twist to the right, bringing your right hand to the inside of your partner’s left knee and left hand to the outside of your right knee/ thigh. And your partner mirrors the movement.

Hold for three-five breaths and exhale and untwist and you repeat on the opposite side.

This is a fun way to initiate playfulness with your partner.

After finishing all the asanas, come to a neutral position and lie down next to each other. Allow the boy to relax completely with your eyes closed,]. Feel the closeness with your partner and the connection that you have made.

If you and your partners loved this activity, do I regularly and you can even join yoga classes together or just do at home at your own ease. It’s a fun and healthy way of coming closer to your partner.

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