It’s not easy being a single mother.

Have you ever thought why moms hide their feelings and their emotional breakdowns in front of their children? We actually haven’t seen this face of our mothers, we have seen them strong, happy, and courageous all the time. But, even they have their emotional needs and they might breakdown some time. So, moms, you don’t have to hide your feelings, show them, express them with your children, you would feel much better.

But, we know moms will never show their emotional side to their children as they want their children to see their happy face all the time. For a single mother, her kids are everything to her. Her kids are her only support and she would anything for them and it’s the support that had strengthened the relationship of a lot of single moms with their children.

A working single mother covers all the financial situation to take care of all the household and her kids’ needs. A full-time job, taking care of the children and house on a full time basis drains her physically but she does not crib about it. And playing a double role of parenting is not as easy as it sounds. A single mom has to struggle daily to provide twice the love, twice the care, twice the support, and twice the understanding. They have to play both the roles with perfection, especially in a society where still men rule.

Even the society does not support single mothers, instead, they look at them with thoughtless questions in mind like “Who’s managing and running the house for you? It must be really difficult to handle everything without a man, right? Why did you separate? Are you or your husband seeing someone else? Uff, these questions that I don’t think anyone would want to even think to answer.

These people are more worried when you come home late and if you have a male friend, then it’s not going to be easy for the single moms. They will raise their eyebrows and see you with a weird expression. They think it’s not right to stay out late or travel alone or hang out with male friends. But, I don’t know why are these people more interested in others’ lives? Why don’t they make their lives better?

Those who don’t know how a single mother’s life revolves around every day, here is a small picture of it.

Single mothers have to attend meeting with the teachers for the kids, stay late to check on their kids, help their kids with assignments and projects, pay their school and extra-curricular fees, do the laundry, buy grocery, pay bills, head to work and work much harder to lead a happy life with her kids, find the best schools and colleges for her children, plan vacation, manage time to spend with her children, see that her children do not miss out on anything, prepares them for future, and also she needs to answer to the world for nothing. She does not have a single minute to spare for herself, and the world needs an answer…

The world is full of challenges and being a single mother is not a life full of struggles but a journey of strength.

Here, we have a few words that single mothers have to say:

“Being a single mother makes you courageous. Being a single mother has made me a strong and independent woman. I have become more confident and have been doing really well in my career. And I feel I would not have achieved this much if I were not a single parent. I take everything in a positive way and everything is going perfect beside hectic days.”

“One of the positive things being a single mother is giving your child undivided attention. Being a single mother, your kids are the only support and they are the only ones for whom you love doing things and make them special. And one more thing is that the child grows as a strong and fearless person. There are a few disadvantages as a society do not accept us whole-heartedly, we are seen with questions and there is a time when you feel the need of someone to stand beside you with whom you can share everything and share the emotional connection.”

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A single mother might feel overwhelmed and unsupported but she does not stop and keeps working to lead a better life and make a safe place for her children and shower them with more love and care.

We salute every single mom for giving their kids the best life, education and what they deserve or even more. We are proud of these women who have accepted all the challenges and faced the society with their head held high. You do not need to answer anyone. You are the real heroes!

We salute you for being strong, and for all the sacrifices that you have made. We salute you for the times you wiped away your tears. The times you forced a smile just to make your kids happy and the times you seldom complained. The times you have struggled to make everything perfect. You are brave!

Single mothers, we salute you! And yes, all the sacrifices that you have made for your children will never be forgotten. You are not just a single parent, but a bread-baker, breadwinner, peace-makers, bill payers, cleaners, everything!

Here we send you a bag of joy and happiness to all the single moms and wish you have a lovely and great Mother’s Day!

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