As the mercury tiptoes, it gets really difficult to plan anything other than coiling up inside the air-conditioned room or dive into the pool.

You might have noticed that recently, summers have been particularly really hot as compared to 4-5 years back. The past four years have been the hottest on record around the globe, with this year tracking to be the hottest one.

Unfortunately, the trend is expected to continue.

Summer is finally in full swing, so get ready to experience scorching weather. If you are feeling the heat already, you are not alone!

Hot temperatures can mess up with the body in sneaky ways, and it’s not only about sunburn or excessive sweating. There are a few ways in which this hot and humid climate might take a toll on your health and body.

Effects of Heat on Body during summers

  1. Heat causes heat exhaustion

Stepping outside in the months of May or June can feel like a physical blow. The longer you spend in the heat, the more serious the effects on your body can be.

Increased body temperature can cause heavy sweating, dizziness, headache, cramps, dehydration, clammy skin, and nausea.

If you ever feel any of these symptoms, move to a cool place, drink some water, relax for a while and after some time, take a bath or put wet cloths on your body. If the situation worsens and you tend to puke and feel uneasy, immediately go to see a doctor.

Heat exhaustion can be really dangerous, so you need to be really careful before stepping out of your place during summer. You need to take extra care of yourself.

  1. Lots of mosquito bites

When the weather is warm, we feel like spending most of our evening outdoors, embracing nature, dining al fresco, enjoying a backyard party. But while you are outdoors, mosquitoes might make you their buffet.

Summers are the prime time for mosquitoes and these little vampires mature faster during this season. And these mosquito bites might lead to sickness or cause diseases like malaria or dengue.

So, before hanging out with your friends and family, make sure to apply some ointment or spray that keeps these mosquitoes away from you and try wearing those clothes that cover your full body.

  1. Heat Stroke

Heat Stroke is the most serious form of heat injury and is usually the result of prolonged exposure to physical exertion in high temperatures.

Heat Stroke is an emergency that needs immediate medical treatment, as it can cause damage to your brain, heart, kidneys, and other muscles. It often occurs from the progression of milder heat-related problems but can come on suddenly as well.

Tips to get away with the Summer Heat

When the temperature rises, your body reacts in different ways. So, here are some tips to make your summer go smoothly.

  1. Keep drinks on the lighter side

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Everyone love milkshakes and smoothies during summers, right? We drink banana shake, apple shake, vanilla, chocolate, and other flavored smoothies as well. But these are too heavy as it contains lots of sugar and icecream and will not quench your thirst in summers. So, it’s better to opt for lighter beverages and stay hydrated and healthy.

  1. Stay Hydrated

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Hydration is a very important part of summer eating. Keeping yourself hydrated doesn’t always mean to drink lots of water. Keep in mind that fluids can be in the form of either water or other beverages or even fluid-rich fruits and vegetables, like oranges, watermelon, grapes, etc.

The National Institute of Medicine tells us that men need around 13 glasses of fluid a day and women need about 9 glasses.

So, take care of your fluid intake!

  1. Always apply Sunscreen Lotion

It is important to apply sunscreen lotion of at least SPF 45 in order to protect your skin from UV rays. Try to avoid going out in the sun during the peak hours i.e., 10am-4pm. If you have to be outside in the scorching sun, make sure you carry sunscreen with you and keep applying it every 2-3 hours. And if you have sensitive skin, mineral based sunscreen is best for your skin.

  1. Exfoliate

Summer brings more dead skin cells to your body, as such it becomes important to exfoliate your skin to keep it healthy, smooth, and glowing. And you don’t have to buy any expensive products to exfoliate your skin. You can make your own lotion at home using oatmeal, yogurt and, milk. It’s the best exfoliating lotion for your skin during summers.

Try it out, you will actually feel the difference!

  1. Exercise Regime

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Do not avoid your exercise just because of the rising temperatures. Instead of working out outside, opt for indoors. You can join a gym, aerobic, Zumba or yoga classes. And make it a daily routine and tag along with your friends to make it a fun activity. But do not skip exercise during summer as due to hot temperature your body become less active than winters and you tend to get more tired so exercise will keep you fit and healthy.

  1. Olive Oil

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Olive oil contains essential fatty acids that help skin resist UV damage. In order to protect your skin and keep it healthy, consume about 1-2 tablespoon of olive oil every day. You can add it to a bowl of salad or add in any dish to get all those essential fatty acids. These fatty acids are actually part of the cell membrane that keeps in all that moisture your body loses through heat and sweat during the summer.

Diet in summers

The thought of healthy eating probably runs through our mind a dozen times a day. But even then we tend to eat a grilled cheese sandwich, chocolate shake, three-tier chocolate cake, so what’s the point of making a diet plan when we can’t follow it?

Most of us lead lives where we have been discreetly sucked into a food routine and are desperately trying to just get out of it. Amidst a number of lifestyle problems to deal with, we tend to forget or simply ignore our granny’s simple recipes and remedies of eating fresh and seasonal foods.

Summer brings a lot of juicy fruits and vegetables, lemon, mangoes, peaches, corn, and other fruits and veggies. Markets are abundant with fresh fruits and vegetables. So, we should eat seasonal produce more during summers to keep ourselves healthy.

Here are a few foods that you should include in your diet during the summer season.

  1. Tomatoes

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Tomatoes are just not filled with antioxidants and Vitamin C, but also contain beneficial phytochemicals such as lycopene, which protect your skin from sunburn. If you can’t eat only tomatoes, you can mix it with your salad or make tomato curry or top your pasta or pizza with homemade tomato sauce.

  1. Yogurt

Yogurt is actually made for summer eating. The protein in yogurt satisfies you growling tummy and keep you away from overloading salty and high-calorie snacks. If you purchase yogurt from any store, make sure it’s low in fat and high in protein. You can buy Dannon Oikos, Non-Fat Greek Yogurt. It’s delicious with high protein and low fat. Yogurt also helps your digestive system to run smoothly.

  1. Green Tea

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Green tea is the perfect way to supplement your water intake when it’s super hot outside. Studies have suggested that green tea may be helpful in fighting cancer and heart disease, lowering cholesterol, and accelerating your metabolism. And if sipping a hot drink in this hot month is not your cup of tea, try green tea with chilled water as the cooler temperature does not compromise its nutritional benefits.

  1. Melons

melons, pixabay.jpg

Melons are the coolest, healthiest, and juiciest fruits of the summer. You can use them in salads, milkshakes, juices, desserts, and many dishes. Melons are really good for your health, they help in reducing weight, prevent problems such as cancer, high blood pressure, heart disease, and the common cold.

A Simple Diet Plan for summers:

Breakfast: Start your day with 2-3 fruits to neutralize the stomach acids that make you feel light. You can include a few nuts as well.

Mid-Morning: A glass of coconut water or buttermilk to refresh you.

Lunch: A bowl of salad with 1-2 rotis and veggies and dals. Sometimes, you can substitute rotis with a bowl of rice.

Evening: Have fruit yogurt or fruit smoothie. They are filling, nourishing and will keep you fresh and cool.

Dinner: Always have a light dinner, especially during summers. Like, you can have Moong dal Chilada, Multi-grain rotis and veggies, brown rice pulao, stir-fried veggies, steamed dishes, low-fat paneer and include drinks like lemonade or jaljeera.

Summer Coolers

Humid days call for something chilled and frosty sips. So, include some flavourful combinations to get you through the season feeling cool, happy and refreshed.

  1. Watermelon Juice

watermelon juice, pixabay.jpg

Watermelon juice is 90% water and it’s the best way to keep yourself hydrated. It helps with digestion and eating watermelon help protect skin from oxidative stress that contributes to the aging process and brightens the complexion. And it would be best if you have one glass of chilled watermelon juice daily in the summer season.

  1. Aam Panna (Raw Mango Juice)

A glass of aam panna help with digestion, constipation and chronic stomach problems. You can easily make it at home according to your taste.

  1. Mint Lemonade

mint lemoade, pixabay.jpg

One glass of strained mint water mixed with a few drops of lemon works wonders. It refreshes you and the drink acts as a liver cleanser, boosts your metabolism and helps those with low appetite.

  1. Barley Water

You can have one-two glasses of barley water. You might find it bland so mix a few drops of lemon or honey in the barley water. Since barley water is rich in fiber, it prevents constipation and also helps in controlling your appetite.

So enjoy a sunburn- free, relaxing, soothing summer, spending time at home, work or traveling around the world with these tips. You will surely beat the summer heat and enjoy the season.

Feel fresh, cool, and happy this summer!

If you have any other tips to beat the summer heat this season, please leave your comments below.

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