International Women’s Day is here!

Every year, this day comes and goes, for some, it’s just another normal day while some celebrate it with great enthusiasm. There are women who attend women’s day events organized in order to celebrate women all over the world while some spend it with their friends, arranging a girls’ night out or calling it as a Spa Day.

International Women’s Day, March 8, is the perfect time to celebrate with your favorite females.

While you can celebrate this day with the hashtags all over your social media accounts, there are many other ways in which you can celebrate Women’s Day that will make a positive impact.

Here are some of the ways in which you can spread happiness among many faces on Women’s Day.

  1. Get involved with an NGO

Why not celebrate this Women’s Day by empowering and helping other women? So, get involved with any social enterprise that is into empowering women.  You even can volunteer at your local community center and help the women in need which will surely be an illuminating experience. Having each other’s back is really important.

The point is to find ways to reach out to the women in the community who are in need of any help. And this is the best day to grab this opportunity.

  1. Visit a local Women’s Day event

Every city organizes various Women’s Day events in different localities. If you have an interest in attending the events, you can be a part of it as these events have different themes and you might love joining it with your girlfriends. It would also be a kind of networking opportunity and you will meet women from different fields.

The theme of this year’s International Women’s day is “Think equal, build smart, and innovate for a change”. As such a lot of events will cover this theme and talk about the same. You can participate in these events and raise your voice regarding any concern you have and get your answers. This would also be a great time to gain insights and be a part of a great event.

  1. Give Charity

Think of making a donation to Women Care Centres, Women Abuse Centres, Breast Cancer Organizations or an orphanage. We spend a lot on our shopping, food, and other items, why not make a difference in the lives of these women just by donating a little amount. A little effort would mean a lot for these people. You can also visit these places with your family and friends and bring some essentials like clothes, food or some daily necessities as a part of your gesture for these women. You can also spend some time, chat with them, and make them feel good about themselves. You will surely love the experience and the day would be well spent.


  1. Gifts Swap

When you think of gifts, it need not necessarily be any expensive jewellery or gadgets, it can be a handmade card, a scrapbook, a letter, a beautiful bouquet of flowers, chocolates or any thoughtful gift. So, celebrate your womanhood gifting each other something thoughtful and make it extra special for the women you love the most. The smallest gestures speak volumes!

  1. Shopping: Where Proceeds go to a Woman-Related Foundation

There are various foundations that work towards the progress and development of women in many areas. You just need to find a store or any online deals that directly help those organizations to empower those women. This would definitely be the best shopping you have ever done. Every penny spent would be worth it!

shopping, pixabay.jpg

Few of the websites where you can donate and involve in helping other women:

Make this day a special one not just for yourself and your favorite women but try to bring some positive change in the lives of the other women who never got a privilege of celebrating Women’s Day.

Show your gratitude for all the women!

Happy Women’s Day!

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