Spring Roll is basically a Chinese dish and has become really popular in India. It’s crispy and delicious. It’s perfect as an appetizer with salsa sauce.

So, here is the recipe of a delicious filling of veggies and noodles with tangy sauces packed inside these crispy rolls–either fried or baked. Enjoy!

Required time:15-20mins


For the dough

Flour-2 cups

Water as required

Milk-1 cup

Oil-2 tablespoon

Baking Powder- a pinch

Salt-1/2 tablespoon

For Filling







Salt as required

Black Pepper-1 tablespoon

Chili Sauce-2 tablespoon

Tomato Ketchup-1 tablespoon

For sealing

Flour or Cornflour and water


For the dough

  1. In a bowl, mix flour, salt, baking powder and add water and milk.
  2. Add oil and knead it properly
  3. Cover the dough and keep it aside for some time

For the filling

  1. Heat water in a pan, add noodles to boil. Add salt and oil so that noodles do not get sticky.
  2. Strain the water out of the noodles, once noodles get boiled and pour cold water over the noodles and let them cool down.
  3. Heat oil in a pan, add all the chopped veggies and saute it for 5-7mins.
  4. Add salt, black pepper, chili sauce, and tomato ketchup
  5. Add boiled noodles and mix it well.

For sealing

  1. Mix cornflour or flour in the water and make a paste.

For the Spring Rolls

  1. Divide the dough into equal portions and roll the dough in a circle.
  2. Add the filling and roll it properly.
  3. Seal the edges from both the sides with the flour paste.
  4. Heat oil for frying or you can bake these rolls as well.
  5. Your Spring rolls are ready!
  6. Serve with salsa sauce or chili and tomato ketchup.