Ah, that time of the month when curling up in the bed, watching your favorite movie or series and sipping a cup of tea/coffee or any drink that soothes your pain is all that you want. It’s not always dark and gloomy during the periods. Didn’t you ever feel horny during your periods, didn’t you ever just want to please yourself, didn’t you go little kinky during that time? You might have, definitely, but never thought of doing it thinking it might be gross right?

So, not to create much mess and get the maximum pleasure during periods, here are few positions and tips that you can try.

  1. Spooning: This position will give you all the comfort you need during your chums and get loads of pleasure. You can play with the depth of penetration and different angles to make sure it works for you. This can actually be a gentle position during your periods. This allows you to soak in the love and enjoy. I have heard that this position can help you deal with the menstrual cramps as well. So, you can give it a try for sure: P
  2. On the edge of the bed: This one is actually a very practical way to have sex and help to reduce the mess associated with the bleeding and actually makes clitoral stimulation easier. You can keep a towel beneath your hips to avoid any more mess. This position also reduces the likelihood of cramps or any stain during intercourse.
  3. Showery Sex: You can just hit the shower to avoid any cleaning post-sex. Having sex while standing in a warm shower can actually relieve you from any cramps and you get what you want: P. Let him enter you from behind and you can hold onto the wall for support. And this is the best way to have sex during periods. Trust me! PS: Water usually temporarily stops the flow when you are immersed.
  4. Mission Missionary: Don’t underestimate the power of good old missionary! This position allows you to sit back and relax and let your partner take over it. You can also try using a pillow under your hip to change the angle of penetration and also will be easy for the post-clean-up.
  5. A Good Lubricant: Yes, it can be a great lubricant as you are incredibly wet at that time and this means some positions would be really easier than when you do it in routine. You know your vagina is actually more open and receptive during periods, so if you want to try some new position, you can give it a try for sure. This is the time, go for it.
  6. Reverse Cowgirl: This position allows you to have more control over the whole act, which means you are the dominant one in this situation. You can actually start with spooning and once you get comfortable with the position, you can move to reverse cowgirl position and girl, just go for it, the ball is in your court: P

People actually don’t talk about this amazing period sex, but loads of people are doing and enjoying it. Don’t let shame and embarrassment hold you back, go ahead, get sensual, get sexy and just do it.  Go for it ladies!