We are back to that lovey-dovey and mushy time of the year again. As winter starts fading out, we are introduced to the warm glow of love.

Here comes 14th February, Valentine’s Day!

Every store, malls, shopping complexes, restaurants gleams with sparkling decoration. These stores and restaurants offer various couple of schemes and discounts. And the gift stores buzz like a beehive.

These businesses actually take a boom as many people celebrate Valentine’s Day with extravagance and ornateness.

The couples plan grand surprises for their partners and put quite a lot of effort, time, and money to woo their partner. They want this special day to be “perfect” to express their love and affection to their partner.

Couples plan a dinner date, book spa appointments, buy expensive gifts, and many starts celebrating this V-Day a week before and send different gifts every day to their lover.

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Celebrating love is virtuous, but why celebrate love only on this particular day? What about the other 365 days?

Honestly, I have never been Valentine’s Day fan. I do not understand the concept of giving gifts or expressing love on just one day of the year.

Do most of us even know why do we celebrate Valentine’s Day or the origin of this day?

I don’t think so. Mostly, people know that the day was named after St. Valentine and do not have any reliable information that can be traced down to facts.

So technically, we have no idea why we go so frenzy when February begins.

I don’t understand why it’s so much hyped in the first place!

Are we blindly doing something just because the rest of the world is doing it? Don’t you feel Valentine’s Day has become a day filled with consumerism?

I have seen many people spending a huge amount of money to buy gifts and plan surprises for their partner. Valentine’s Day has become a kind of event to spend money to express love to their partners. Sure, it’s one’s personal choice. I am just of the opinion that Valentine’s Day should not be the only day to shower your loved ones with love, care, surprises, and gifts.

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There is nothing wrong thinking out of the box and gifting your partner and returning favors. And if you feel Valentine’s is the best day to remind you to go extra special and it serves your purpose, go ahead! But do know, if this day brings pressure on you or on your partner to do something special, it will surely lead to disappointment in the future.

However, I believe love is not about chocolates, teddy bears, roses, expensive jewelry; there are better ways to express love. The small gestures that spread out over the course of relationship are important than a grand celebration on just one day. What do you think about it?

For me, an element of genuine surprise, love, care and a small gesture would be more affectionate than these forced romantic rituals.

Why do I need Valentine’s Day when I can go for a candle-light dinner with my guy on any random day? When I can gift him something nice that he actually needs without any reason. When I can make him feel special by surprising him on any weekend or any day?

I prefer to express my love whenever I feel to or when it’s least expected rather when they are supposed to be done.

What’s love?

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Love is -when you laugh over each other’s stupid jokes, fix each other’s hair, dance with each other like crazy, go for a walk, engage in some meaningless conversation and later laugh over it. When you get angry because you care! Love is seeing and planning for a future together, smiling at memories together. Love is in these small things!


We (my guy and me) have been spending Valentine’s Day like any other day as the vibe of this day never charmed us. It’s like any other random day for us.

We prefer to spend some quality time together, even if it’s just sitting and watching a movie or series. It’s the presence of each other that actually matters!

And it’s just not on Valentine’s Day but all the days throughout!

Valentine’s Day is totally worse for those who are single. It’s like a curse for them. People who are happily single are made to feel like shit as they are not sharing candle-light dinner with anyone, not being showered with gifts, not even getting laid in most of the cases. Seeing couples at each and every corner of the street, they cry over it.

I don’t think single people need to cry over these things as you celebrate love with your friends, family and love yourself. Celebrating love doesn’t mean you need someone to celebrate with. You can do this on any day and with any of your close and loved ones.

Isn’t it?

Celebrate love throughout the year and make your partner feel special every day, utter those lovely words every day, appreciate them often, surprise them randomly, shower them with extra love and care, support them, understand them, and spend quality time together. This is what celebrating love is all about!

The piece was first published here: https://www.amazingthings.in/why-celebrate-valentines-day.html