New Year is the right time to take a small break from your routine life. It is the time for grand celebration!!!

What could be better than to explore India at the end of the year?

Winters is actually the right time to visit a tropical paradise like India. India is one of the countries where you can enjoy the diverse culture, tradition and different styles of celebration. It’s simply incredible!

Here are the top destinations to enjoy the New Year Parties in India. These places will surely make your New Year most exciting and fun!

  1. Goa: India’s Las Vegas

New Year is all about friends, family, night long parties, live music, and if you get an exotic beach-side stay, beer and wine, what could be better than this? New Year Parties in Goa is different than the regular parties. There are various kinds of parties held at different beaches in Goa.  If you want an intimate one, head to Anjuna Beach and Kamaki bar for Greek style party, pool-side party at Sing in Candolim beach and not to miss: Tito’s Club.

You will see all the young crowd going crazy and dancing on jazz music all night long. If you haven’t planned anything yet, it’s high time to book your tickets!


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2. Bangalore: The Pub City

Bangalore is a hub of IT, where youngsters work hard and party like animals. Bangalore has become one of the popular destinations to party during New Year’s. With the most rocking crowd, live and electrifying music, best clubs, the youngsters are seen tapping their feet without any hang-ups. You can also dine in some of the finest restaurants in Bangalore to enjoy good food and live music.

Must visit: New Year event at Leela Kempinski, New Year Party at F-bar, The Last Party at Sutra-The Lalit Ashok

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  1. Mumbai: The city that never sleeps

Mumbai is totally a party place. Mumbaikars celebrate New Year’s with great enthusiasm and ardor. Be it a house party, beach party or clubbing, they enjoy everything! You can head to any club but do remember to get the passes for entrance to any club. Marine Drive is the best place to sit with your friends and enjoy your drinks at the eve of New Year.

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Must Visit: New Year’s Celebration at JW Marriott, Amnesia at LIV, Hot Freezer at The Westin, Gateway of India for Fireworks

4. Delhi: Hub for the Party Freaks

From drinks, music, lights, and dance, Delhi starts its New Year celebration with great zeal. With some of the most elite and exclusive parties, one can enjoy their New Year’s either at a private lounge or nightclubs. You must book your tickets in advance for these amazing parties as these places are fully packed during New Years.

Must visit: New Year Festival at Shiro-Hotel Samrat, New Year’s Eve at 7 Degrees Brauhaus, Revelry at Golf Bar-ITC Maurya

5. Kolkata: The most happening crowd and parties

Kolkata is one of the most elite cities of India that call all the happening crowds from all over. The nightclubs of the city get all raunchy on the New Year’s Eve and trust me you will not want to stop tapping your feet the entire night. You will have one of the best New Years in Kolkata. So, get ready to shed all your inhibitions and celebrate like never before in Kolkata.

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Must visit: Orchid Garden, Party at the Sonnet, New Year’s Eve- The Underground

6. Pondicherry: Celebrate New Year’s in French Style

Pondicherry is famous for its beach-side parties at the New Year’s Eve which makes it one of the top destinations to visit during the end of the year. An electrifying performance on the streets is another thing to look out for. Do not waste your time and make it to Pondicherry this to make your New Year’ the most memorable one.

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Must visit: New Year Party at Atithi, Seagulls Beach, Soiree

7. Kasol: Get high on life

Kasol is thriving as a tourist destination for the youngsters. The scenic beauty and enthralling parties of this place make it one of the popular places to party on New Year’s. If you love camping, exploring nature and partying your own way, then Kasol is the best place for you to party on New Year’s.

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8. Gokarna-Not Just a Pilgrimage Spot

Gokarna is not only famous for pilgrimage, but it also hosts ultimate beach-side New Year parties. The city has a completely different face for New Year parties. You can enjoy new brews, visit beaches, pubs and be a part of the celebration. If you are looking for some eventful parties, consider Gokarna for New Year’s.

Must visit: Kudle resort, Kawari resort, and many more

Gear up for parties and more parties, show your moves like never before! It’s worth making the celebration memorable.

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