When it comes to the winter holidays, food traditions and get-togethers with family and friends form an integral part of the celebration all around the world. People get really involved in preparing the delicacies during Christmas. While getting all the goodies from outside is okay, but cooking from starters to desserts during Christmas altogether is a lovely experience. The Christmas dinner varies from country to country. However, a very common Christmas dish served across the countries is Plum Cake or Fruit Cake.

It’s pretty interesting how the countries prepare dishes in different ways for the same festival. It’s totally diverse. So, let’s see different Christmas food traditions all around the world.

1. Christmas Fried Chicken, Japan

Most Japanese families eat at KFC on the day of Christmas, they actually need to reserve their meal two months in advance. This tradition began in 1974 when KFC created an advertising campaign called “Kentucky for Christmas” and it became widely popular in Japan. Japanese people did not have any Christmas traditions, so KFC filled that void by introducing Kentucky Fried Chicken.

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2. Christmas Cookies and Sweets, India

The communities in India celebrate Christmas with sweets ranging from kidiyo, deep-fried dough balls coated in icing sugar to cookies and fruitcakes. Other sweet treats that you will find in India are cardamom, almond, and cashew macarons, gulab jamuns, jalebis, and other Indian winter desserts. The main dinner generally includes biryani with lamb, mutton curry, accompanied by other Indian dishes and veggies.

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3. Christmas Goose, Germany

Germans enjoy a lavish multi-course Christmas dinner. Their dinner consists of Weihnactsgans, goose, often stuffed with onions, chestnuts, prunes with different German spices, Krustenbraten, pork roasted with a crispy rind, accompanied by dumplings, red cabbage, and gravy. And finally the dessert, Weihnachtsplatzchenm, it’s a traditional platter of cookies.  This food tradition was originally tied to St. Martin’s Day, but eventually became a part of the Christmas meal.

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4. Panettone, Italy

When it comes to Christmas dinner, Italy has various traditions in different regions. In some parts of Italy, people enjoy “The Feast of Seven Fishes”.  This meal includes seven different kinds of fishes prepared in seven different ways.  Sweets have their own importance when it comes to Italian food during Christmas. Italians prepare a dessert called, Panettone- a cake with candied fruits, chocolates, and raisins, and nuts. This is the most popular one and other sweets include marzipan, zeppole, pondor, and many more delicacies.

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5. Plum Pudding, England

Plum Pudding is a key Christmas dessert in England. Do not delude by its name, as the pudding does not actually include plum. In Pre-Victorian era, plums were referred to raisins, and as dried fruits are important ingredients of this recipe, it is how it earned its name. This Christmas pudding is set alight with brandy before it is served.

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6. Three-course Meal and Saffron Buns, Sweden

Christmas dinner in Sweden is served as a three-course meal, known as “Julboard”. The first course includes fish, pickled herring, the second involves Christmas ham along with sausages. And the last meal covers metaballs and potato casserole called Janssons Frestelse.

As we know without dessert, no meal is complete. So, the Swedish prepare saffron buns, it’s a popular rice pudding, yellow in color as saffron is used. Saffrons buns are served to the family by the eldest daughters, by tradition. But, you sure can try your hands making these sweet saffron buns.

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7. Turkey, United States

Christmas dinner in the US varies from one household to the other and it is generally similar to that of Thanksgiving. The meal generally includes ham and turkey with different stuffing, gravy, mashed potatoes, and vegetables. Christmas cookies and pies are equally popular among the US people. There is plenty of booze-spiked eggnogs as well to wash it all down.

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8. Bacalhau, Portugal

The Portuguese fast on Christmas Eve, following the Catholic tradition. On the day of Christmas, they prepare Bacalhau or salt cod which is a main staple Christmas dinner. This is accompanied with boiled eggs, boiled cabbage, and boiled potatoes. The Portuguese love desserts so the list is endless. Some of the desserts served are biscoitos de natal-Christmas cookies and Leite de creme-an egg custard.

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Every country has their own food tradition and their way of preparation and celebration.

So, what meals or treats did you prepare this Christmas? Do share with us in the comment section below.

We wish you all Bon Appetit and A Merry Christmas!

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