What comes to your mind when you think of Jaipur? -“The Pink City” or “The Colourful Attire” or “Famed places of Jaipur” or “Sand dunes and camels”?


Sightseeing in Jaipur is almost equivalent to visiting forts and palaces to witness the grandeur of the majestic heritage. The culture, heritage, customs, and traditions of Jaipur attract people from all over the world. Jaipur is just not limited to sand dunes, and vibrant markets, there is more to this beautiful city, most of which are not commercialized or explored.

Let’s check out a few of these places:

1. Abhaneri

Fascinated about step-walls? Then Abhaneri is the place you must visit. It is famous for Chand Baori step-wells which is one of the largest and deepest step-wells in India. It is an outstanding example of water conservation, fortified on all sides with 3500 narrow steps. The monument which is a must-see is Harshat Mata temple. The temple is famous for its fine degree of craftsmanship and sculpture. These both are the major attractions of Abhaneri. Abhaneri was originally known as Abha Nagri.

PLaces in Jaipur

Location: Situated 95 km away from Jaipur in the Dausa district.

2. Kanota Dam

Kanota dam is flanked by the Aravali hills with a canopy of blue skies. You will find all the young crowd chilling and enjoying during the monsoon season. Kanota dam is a scenic spot, yet unexplored, but a beautiful place to relax with your family and friends and enjoy the serenity.

Location: Located 15 km away from Jaipur on National Highway 11

3. Vidhyadhar Nagar Jungle

Vidhyadhar Nagar Jungle is located behind Vidhyadhar Nagar stadium in Jaipur. If you like peace and love photography, this is the place for you. This is the least explored place of Jaipur. Everyone knows about Vidhyadhar Nagar but rarely anyone is aware of this jungle. So, please visit this jungle when you are in Jaipur.

4. Chandlai Lake

If you ever happen to visit Jaipur, Chandlai Lake is a must-visit. Many people cannot boast of having visited this place as it is one of the unexplored tourist places in Jaipur. It is no less than enigmatic than Jal Mahal. The lake is believed to host an astounding 10,000 different species of birds throughout the year, including Pied Avochet, Rudy Shelduck, and the White Wagtail. You will surely fall in love with this beautiful place.

Location: 30km from Jaipur city, Tonk-Kota Road

5. Kanak Ghati (Kanak Vrindavan)

Kanak Ghati, popularly known as Kanak Vrindavan Valley was created by Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh, prior 280 years. It’s a beautiful garden with idols of Radha and Krishna. Many pilgrims visit this place especially during some popular festivals like Teej and Gangaur, The charming beauty of the garden is enhanced by the enchanting strains of hymns from the nearby temples of Govind Deoji and Natwarji.

And the place is not only for pilgrims, one should visit the place to admire the scenic beauty.

Location: Bottom of Nahargarh slopes on the way towards Amber Fort.

6. Khole Ke Hanuman Ji Temple

Khole ke Hanuman Ji temple is an ancient temple situated at Laxman Dungri in Jaipur. The inner sanctum of the temple is quite large and can accommodate around 500 devotees. The temple has an attractive entrance archway. The temple is known for its magical power and it is believed that the wishes of the devotees are always fulfilled.

Location: 11km from Jaipur Junction Railway Station on NH 248

7. Madhogarh Tunga

This place is a 400-year old fort, which is now a heritage hotel. It is the battlefield of Tunga which witnessed a battle between the Scindia of Marathas and Maharaja Sawai Pratap Singh of Jaipur. Another famous tourist attraction of Madhograh is Nai ka Nath Lord Shiva Temple, between Aravalli hills and a step-well.

madhogarh places in Jaipur

Location: 40kms on Bassi Lalsor Road, NH 11

8. Bairath, The Old Viratnagari

If you enjoy archaeological remnants then Bairath will definitely entertain you. It marks both mythological and historical significance where you can explore the remains of circular Buddhist temple mint constructed by Akbar, a Mughal garden and monument with painted chhatris (umbrellas).

The Banganga Fair is one of the major attraction of Bairath which is held every year on the full moon days of Vaisakh (April-May).

Location: 86kms from Jaipur, on Shahpura-Alwar Road

Jaipur has a lot of history and culture attached to its heritage. But whatever you browse through on the web might not be enough. Even the books and tour guides might not speak of those unexplored places. It’s you who need to explore these places and add value to your perspective of life and travel.

Let us know if you have visited any of these places and your experience of the visit.


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