Most of us may have been in a situation where we have cooked a dish with a lot of effort and love but sprinkled a bit too much salt. Haven’t we?

It’s a terrible feeling, I know. But don’t you worry here are a few chef’s secrets that will help you to rescue the situation.

  1. For soups, do not dilute with only water as it can affect the taste of your dish. Some chefs use refined sugar to fix the taste. Just add a few spoons of sugar and water till you get the desired taste. Alternatively, add a few peeled potatoes and cook it for 10-15 minutes. The potatoes will absorb excess salt and won’t spoil the taste of your soup.
  2. Food like potatoes, noodles, pasta help to absorb salt. If the recipe allows, just add more of these ingredients to get the perfect taste.

Hope this was useful!

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