You must be excited, right? And it’s obvious as you are about to head off to your first overseas trip and you must be having an amazing feeling. But at the same time, the feeling could be intimidating as well. That’s because you actually don’t know what will the world throw at you or how will you cope or deal with complex situation abroad?

I understand and it happens with most of the first travelers. It’s inevitable that you might make mistakes as you would have in any other facet of life. So, you don’t have to panic at all. We have a list of travel tips and guide so that you get ready and perfect for your first overseas trip.

1. Make sure you have all the information

travelling first time

I know it’s fun to be spontaneous but making arrangements before-hand is a plus for any travel. You should know how things are going to pan out when you land. Make sure you have all the details, emergency contacts, and names handy. Especially when you are traveling the first time.

2. Carry a pocket mappocket map - travelling first time

A pocket map will show you the major attractions and how to reach them by any transportation. When I was traveling to Vietnam, I made sure to carry a pocket map with me every time I went out to explore and it helped me a lot and exploring the city was super easy. You can trust Google Maps but before that, you need to trust your smartphone battery. One more thing, GPS and smartphone network doesn’t work everywhere.

3. Travel Light


Always travel light! Do carry all the essentials but leave space for knickknacks you pick up. And do not carry too many snacks, enjoy the local cuisine instead!

4. Don’t be scared of talking to strangers

talking to strangers
Photo by from Pexels

If you are traveling solo, mingle with other tourists as well. There will be so much to learn from their perspectives and experiences. You will tend to meet people from different countries and cultures.

5. Carry your passport always with you and do not keep all your cash at one place

Photo by Porapak Apichodilok from Pexels

Keep your passport in a safe place, ideally in a pouch in a secure bag and while you go outside of the hotel, do leave some cash in your suitcase safely so that in the worse situation you will have some cash left with you.

6. Traveling the first time? Carry enough foreign exchange

foreign exchange

Cash is the easiest to work with and is easily accepted everywhere. Keep a lot of change, you will need it. And if you want to shop in big stores, keep an international debit card or credit card, totally up to you.

7. Overbooking

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With the excitement for the first trip, you might book everything in advance be it hostel, hotel, transfer, breakfast, lunch, dinner. In this way you don’t have to worry much about anything, right? But booking everything will not make your trip flexible. You should leave some space in your itinerary to change and take opportunities as they present themselves. This way you will be able to explore more and enjoy more otherwise you will have to be fixed with your bookings.

8. Do not plan everything with the travel agent

travelling first time

There are various online sites through which you can plan the trip yourself. However, we still depend on travel agents for the safety purpose and do not take any risk. But that does not mean that you need to book everything with the help of travel agent. Book some part with the travel agent and some by yourself. This will help you in saving!

9. Trying to see everything

see everything

You would want to see each and everything, you might want to tick as many boxes as possible. But that’s a mistake. Trust yourself that you will travel again. Instead of trying to see everything, you will not be able to enjoy one spot, rather relax and enjoy one spot and move onto others. This way you have lots of fun and adventure.

10. Do not forget about Insurance


You will surely need insurance. Even if you are just planning to stay in a resort and relax, you will need one! You never know anything can happen, your bags might go missing, you might get sick or any one of a million other mishaps might occur while you are traveling. So, why take that risk? Trust me, you will be pleased to spend that small amount on your insurance policy.

11. Take Photos and Videos!

Photo by Saeid Anvar from Pexels

Do not forget to take photos and videos for your memories but at the same time do not let your phone or camera get in the way of your experience. Do not use much of your phones while traveling rather enjoy the moment and cherish the new experience. Just take photos to hold onto the memories and if you like writing, you can write about your experience at the end of the day. Photo & videos will remind you of the glory of traveling first time alone.

These were few travel tips that would help you with your first travel. Please keep these things in mind to enjoy your trip to the best. And if you have some more tips, we would be happy to add to our list.

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