Kitchen hacks or you can say tricks. Even the most experienced cooks or rather say chefs sometimes need help in the kitchen, and it’s not always about the right recipe or right ingredients. It’s also about knowing the right trick of cooking. To become a star chef, you should never stop learning!


I am sure everyone who works in the kitchen would love to know kitchen hacks. These kitchen hacks are practical and save a lot of time, energy and effort.

Kitchen Hacks

Here are few kitchen hacks that would surely help you speed up your cooking process and help to become a star chef!

1. Lemon Therapy

Whenever you cook lady’s finger (Bhindi), you find it sticking together and the same holds true for rice. So, how to ensure that rice and lady’s finger do not stick together? You can just add a few drops of lemon juice to avoid the stickiness. And added tip: heat lemon in a microwave of 10-15 seconds to squeeze out all the juice from it.

2. Mayonnaise at Home

If you are running out of mayonnaise at home and do not want to go to the store just to buy mayonnaise, here is how you can make mayo at home. You just need to simply blend 1 egg with 150ml of olive oil and add some milk and cream to the mixture. Tadaa, Mayonnaise is ready!

3. Raw Potato and Milk Therapy

If your dish has become extra salty, fret not! A couple of spoons of milk will surely neutralize the taste or if you fear your dish might become liquid-y, adding a raw potato or small balls of dough will do the trick!

4. Oil Obsession

Craving French Fries, but can’t stop thinking about the gallons of oil you will consume? Do not worry! Just boil the potatoes before frying and add cornflour and mix it well and freeze it for 2-3 hours. The potatoes will cook faster and consume less oil. Try it out and enjoy French fries!

5. Fresh Paneer

To keep paneer fresh for days, place it in a blotting paper before you refrigerate them. Also, instead of frying paneer, boil it keep spongy, soft and fresh.

6. Prevent fungus in Pickles

In order to prevent fungus from accumulating in the Pickle jar, burn or roast a small amount of hing (Asafoetida) and invert the empty jar on this burnt hing (asafoetida) for a while and follow this up by filling up the Pickle.

7. Overripe Tomatoes

If the tomatoes go overripe, just place these in cold water and some salt to it. Leave them overnight and they will become fresh and form the next morning.

8. Save cut fruits from browning

You probably want to cut fruits for afternoon or evening while you are working in the kitchen so as to save time to meet your deadline. But you hate it when the fruits get discolored. Here is a trick. A mixture of one part of honey to two parts of water works well to avoid discoloration in fruits or you can try pout squeezing lemon juice over the cut fruits and refrigerate it. This would work as well!

9. Don’t let chilies or pepper burn your fingers

To avoid chili or pepper’s spice remain on your fingers, rub oil onto the fingers tips and then chop.

10. Consistency in Custard

Everyone loves custard that’s consistent, thick and is similar to whipped cream. However, sometimes it might turn out to be thin. Don’t panic! You can just take a tablespoon of flour and mix it in the custard but make sure you mix it well so there are no lumps. If the custard is still too thin you can add more flour to it and cook it for 5-10 minutes more and simply put it in the refrigerator. The custard will thicken!

I am sure you would have loved these simple hacks and please let us know more kitchen tricks by posting in the comment section below.

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