What are we eating these days? Fusion Food is it, whether you go to McDonald’s for McAloo-Tikki Burger or Dominos for Kheema Pizza. The perfect connubial of two different aromas actually creates culinary magic! The restaurants in India have been using a balance of varied cooking styles to create the dishes into something innovative! Don’t you want the best of both worlds? If you are in India, you are at the right place to try a mixture of everything!

There are several restaurants in India that have mushroomed up, yet we have listed out few top-most ones where you can treat yourself to a blend of fusion food flavors.

1. Farzi Cafe, Gurgaon/Pune/Delhi

farzi cafe
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Farzi Cafe is a must-visit for foodies, the café is designed in a restro cum bar setting where you can even enjoy a decent cocktail! When it comes to food you will be really amazed to see their perfection right from Mishti Doi Amuse Bouche to melting Candy Floss Paan. These are just amazing! And if you are a non-vegetarian don’t forget to try their special Goat Cheese Stuffed Tangdi Kebab. Farzi Café is a new destination for innovation!

Cost for two: Rs.2000-2500 (approx.)

2. The Bombay Canteen, Mumbai

The Bombay Canteen - Fusion Food
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Bombay Canteen is a place with a very relaxed yet fun vibe. Every item on the menu is a twist with desi classics and the flavors will surely hit the spot. You must try out Pulled Pork Tacos made out of Theplas (can you ever imagine this recipe) and the Gulab Nut dessert which is actually a gulab jamun but in the form of a doughnut. Aren’t you amazed? Tell me if you do not have a foodgasm at this place.

Bombay Canteen uses veggies like turai and ash gourd and takes the recipe to the next level. If you ever visit Mumbai, do try out Bombay Canteen for sure!

Cost for two: Rs.2000-2500 (approx.)

3. Indian Accent, New Delhi

Indian Accent - Fusion Food
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Trust me; feasting at India’s top-notch restaurant will be a life-changing experience for sure! The restaurant is ranked among the top 50 restaurants in the world. The food here is entirely exceptional and innovative. Few of the dishes bring the essence of modern Indian fusion food. You must try Burrata Papdi Chaat, Tandoori Bacon prawns, and Besan Ladoo Tart. The food here will leave you mesmerized!

Delhites, you are lucky enough to have Indian Accent in your city where you can try out exotic dishes from all over the world.

Cost for two: Rs.4000 (approx.)

4. Pink Poppadom, Bengaluru

Bored with the same typical Indian cuisine? Pink Poppadom is the place where you should be right now, located at the Hyatt Bangalore and is a must visit. Their menu has some exciting food items like Sigdi Bharwa Aloo, Rasmalai Alaska, Croissant Paratha and other delightful dishes. The restaurant also organizes regional food festivals many times a year and it’s the best time to check out the restaurant.

The restaurant serves you with interesting ingredients and an extensive range of mouthwatering creations! It has fresh modern vibes, emphasized by pink lighting, and a lavish layout and if that’s not enough they even have a captivating bar including a temperature controlled wine cellar. Few recommendations: Blue Cheese Naan (a must try) and Flamed Rasmalai Baked Alaska.

Cost for two: Rs.2000-2500 (approx.)

5. Café Lota, New Delhi

Cafe Lota
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The cuisine in Cafe Lota is primarily South Indian and Bihari with a contemporary twist. The chef’s special dishes are Sabudana Balls and Pineapple Golgappa.

The restaurant keeps finding different ways to prepare the recipes and take a simple ingredient in a different way. It’s a constant challenge to innovate and to keep the culinary experience exciting for the customers. Highly recommended dishes are Creamy Chaas, Konkan Fish Curry, Sabudana Balls, and Keema Paratha.

Cost for two: Rs.1200-1500 (approx.)

6. Masala Library, Mumbai

Masala Library
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Masala Library is one of the most famous restaurants on the Mumbai food circuit. Masala Library serves you with exploratory cooking styles thus providing the customers with something really unique and exceptional. Every dish that comes out of the kitchen is a treat for all your senses. You can start with a shot of chilled Thandai (made out of milk and Thandai mixture by the chef) and then move to appetizers like Fried Dumpling stuffed with Dal Chawal, yes you read it right, “Dal Chawal Dumplings”? Isn’t this fascinating and tempt you to try just now.

The dessert, Jalebi Caviar will take you to culinary adventure from voracious glorious.

Cost for two: Rs.4500-5000 (approx.)

7. Monkey Bar- Mumbai/Bengaluru/Kolkata/Delhi

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A restaurant with many branches all over the country is a must visit if you are a foodie or a party lover. Monkey Bar is not just about the food, you will enjoy the fusion cocktail as well!

The restaurant serves an interesting blend of Goan, North Indian, and other regional cuisines. The recipes like Chorizo Pav and cocktails like Copper Monkey and Toast to Calcutta are must try! The food will leave your taste buds with a great flavor! It’s a perfect place to hang out with your friends and also your partner!

Cost for two: Rs.1800 (approx.)

I am pretty sure now you must be excited to try out something new and we guarantee you the fusion food in all these restaurants is undeniably delicious. So don’t wait, pick up any place and head to a world of culinary delights!

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