It is of no surprise that most of the Indians keep their views about sex private. Why? Because if they talk about sex or anything related to sex they will be labeled as a “characterless person”. And women have to be more careful about it as Indian women are supposed to be asexual until they get married as it’s a matter of ethics and moralities. Yes. It’s true! Our culture wants us to be sexual only when we enter the institution of marriage and for the purpose of procreation.

Many people still hold the belief that sex is a crime or sin if done before marriage. Is it so? In the previous era, open relationship and polygamy were accepted easily. We have read about having multiple partners, propagation of open sex time and again in many religious texts.

In a nation where temples like Khajuraho, Konark are full of sex sculptures and images, talking about sex in open is still considered as a taboo in Indian society.

India today has become a largely conservative society.

We avoid talking about sex so much even then the suppressed sexual desire comes out in unpleasant ways like brutal rape cases, child abuse, harassment, molestation and lack of safety among women. And I don’t see any decline in either of these delinquencies. So, why can’t we talk or discuss sex openly to enhance our knowledge?

When it comes to sex education in India, the government just ignores it, schools do not pay much attention to it. However, few schools have added sex education in their curriculum. What is more absurd in India is that where Khajuraho, known as the land of sex temples, is open for worship and movies and documentaries are made from its sex sculptures and images, discussion on sex, on the other hand, is considered morally disgraceful. How weird is that?

Sexuality in any form has been really ostracized in the 21st century. People actually need to understand that sex has been a part of our culture since ages and it is a sacred part of life not just something to be frowned upon.

This is 2018 and we still need to explain to talk about sex is natural, you don’t need to grow up or be adults in order to know about sex. I feel even the kids should have enough knowledge about sex. This can be one way to decrease the rate of child rapes and abuse.

The importance of knowledge of sex, it’s influence on social and cultural life and as a tool to get over many physical and emotional inhibitions has never been understood clearly and its essence has been never understood. I feel people need to change their perception regarding sex now.

The society needs to understand that sex is so natural and sex education do not lead to more sex but lead to responsible adults who are literate, self-expressed, and open. The society needs to be more accepting.

Sex is not dirty, but people make it as they are not aware of it. They are embarrassed to ask about it. They have blindly accepted the explanations about sex that they were taught when they were kids. It’s actually high time we need to speak about sex openly and undo its taboo tag and make it an acceptable topic in the society.

We need to remember one thing that whenever the subject of sex arises, we shouldn’t be ignorant about it. Why just giggle about it and it’s a physiological need after all after Roti, Kapda, and Makaan (Food, Clothes, and shelter)

Now, people need to understand that marriage is not a license to have sex with a woman. Even after marriage a man or woman might not be comfortable having sex. So you need to give time and show respect and be responsible. And also remember, sex is not a duty, it’s an act to connect with your partner, create bonding with your partner, foster emotional and physical intimacy with your partner. Sex has a deeper meaning!


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