The best way to experience Nepal’s unbeatable combination of natural beauty and cultural richness is to walk through them. The immense altitudes and climates found here support a spectacular mix of lifestyle, vegetation and wildlife.

Nepal is one of the best trekking destinations and it has the world’s highest mountains, with fully one-third of the snowcapped Himalaya contained within its borders.

Trekking in the mountains of Nepal is more of a cultural experience than a wilderness expedition. You will be passing through picturesque villages inhabited by diverse ethnic groups. You will see farmers working in their fields, herders grazing their animals on the steep slopes and the icy pinnacles of the Himalayas will always be there in the background.

Trekking in Nepal is an all-season activity. It depends on where one wishes to go. However, the most popular seasons are spring (Feb-May) and autumn (Sep-Nov).

You don’t need to be a mountaineer with rippling muscles to enjoy trekking. If you are fit enough, have a spirit of adventure and are not afraid of walking, you surely qualify. All you have to do is, concentrate on putting one foot before the other (: P). You can also go on a popular trek known as Tea-House Trek, eating and staying in the many lodges on the way.

From the forbidden kingdom of Mustang to the soaring peaks around Dhaulagiri, Annapurna and Mount Everest, the opportunities for trekking in Nepal are many. Let’s see some of the exciting treks in Nepal.

  • Everest Base Camp

Mount Everest dominates the imagination when it comes to trekking in Nepal. The trek to Everest Base camp is today the most popular trek in Nepal and takes around 17-25 days, depending on the route. The trail is outstanding but tends to be a bit crowded during the high season. However, you are actually gonna experience the glory of walking on the trail traversed by legendary mountaineers as you pass through beautiful Everest High Passes, renowned Namche Bazaar, serene Imjatse Valley and several Buddhist Monasteries on the trail accompanied by the beautiful Himalayan vista. It’s a great trekking terrain! You will stand face-to-face with the world’s highest mountain- Mt. Everest (8,850 m), and see multiple other majestic peaks. In short, this can be your fantastic trekking experience!


  • Annapurna Circuit

Known as one of the most diverse treks in Nepal, the Annapurna Circuit ascends 4622m before dropping down onto a high-altitude plateau that takes you along the Kali Gandaki river valley (world’s deepest gorge). The entire Annapurna Circuit takes nearly three weeks and begins in Pokhara. It traverses the variety of landscapes from jungle to high alpine, lush valley and up to arid peaks passing through many villages. It’s a really comfortable trek with lots of tea-houses. In recent years, the building of roads has taken place along some parts of the trek, which has decreased the overall trekking experience to an extent.


  • Annapurna Sanctuary

For a relatively short trek without major altitude problems, the Annapurna Sanctuary trek is a great combination of stunning scenery and culturally interesting villages. Commencing in rice paddies and ending among glaciers and towering peaks, the Annapurna Sanctuary trek is 10-14 days adventure into the icy bowels of the Annapurna range. It is this trek that actually goes to the Annapurna Base Camp (4157m).

  • Langtang

The Langtang is one of the best treks in Nepal if you have really less time as it is only 7-8 days trek. This trek is an ideal option for those looking to explore rich Tamang culture, beautiful landscape and vegetation of the Langtang region. It is the perfect destination for someone who wishes to trek to the Himalayas but is looking for a relatively easy route with shorter walks and lower altitude.


  • Dolpo and Mustang

The Dolpo and Mustang regions have recently been opened to the tourists; this is a remote arid land of canyons and caves that borders Tibet, North of Nepal’s towering Dhaulagiri Mountain and West of great Kali Gandaki River. It’s a magnificent trek and would surely have been one of the classic treks of Nepal if the route wasn’t such challenging and strenuous.


  • Rara Lake, Rara National Park

Rara Lake, the largest lake in the country, lies at the heart of the Rara National Park, remote western Nepal. This trek is actually not for beginners. The road to Rara Lake lacks the basic services available along the most popular trails, and the logistics are a bit complicated, it is really difficult to reach and requires informed guides. If you overcome these obstacles, you will be rewarded with incomparable natural splendour, remote villages, and few, if any, other trekkers.


  • Jomsom/Muktinath Trek

This seldom chosen 7-10 days trek begins in Pokhara and takes you through Kali Gandaki River Valley. The scenery on this trek is simply breathtaking ranging from lush rhododendron forests to the parched deserts of Mustang. The trail also takes you through a rich array of Hindu and Tibetan Buddhist villages, weaving through the Lower Mustang and ending at the village of Kagbeni.


  • Manaslu Trek

The route is diverse, remote, secluded and enriched topography offers a fabulous experience for the one looking to take an adventurous journey to explore the scenic beauty of the Himalayan region. The Manaslu trek is less crowded than the other classic treks in Nepal. The trek is wild and remote, yet there are teahouses at every stage, so trekkers don’t need to bring tents and food, making it more accessible and affordable than similar treks.


If you have an enthu for trekking, be sure to bookmark these treks, do not forget!