Why a woman’s sexuality is made such a great affair?

A woman is free to talk about her sexuality and her sexual desires. But our society builds a buzz out of it every time.

Expressing sexual desire by women is often perceived as abhorrent or is subjected to taboo but there are a few movies that have explored the topic with a great panache!

These movies have brought up the topic brilliantly and the women characters have given their best. These movies actually show the realities of life. These movies are must watch and trust me you will not be disappointed!

  1. Parched (2005)

The movies revolve around four women-a widow who follows traditional customs, a child bride, a woman shamed by the society as she is not able to conceive and an erotic dancer and prostitute. These women together try to survive the male-dominated society. They cry for respect, love, support and healthy sex life but when nothing goes right at all they decide to demand what is right for them… This is a movie that portrays women’s sexuality with unparalleled maturity.


  1. Margarita With a Straw (2014)

The movie is about a bisexual girl with cerebral palsy who falls in love with a girl. The movie brilliantly showcases the sexual desires of a differently abled person. The movie brings the elements of homosexuality and disability together. The story is just not about homosexuality but about a girl who comes to terms with her sexuality. The movie encourages equality regardless of sexual orientation.



  1. Mirch (2010)

The movie has a bold content and a thought-provoking script. It’s a MUST WATCH!

The movie has four different sexual relationship stories in contrasting backgrounds. The move explores adultery from women perspective and shows how women seek out sexual fantasies and desires on their own terms while going out of the traditional walls of the society. The movie concept is really interesting.


  1. Fire(1996)

This was the first Bollywood movie to depict homosexuality. Despite being an amazing concept, the movie was into controversies.

The movie revolves around two women-one with suppressed sexual desired and t either with unsatisfied sexual desires.  They meet and soon start a relationship and were happy together. This happiness didn’t last long as their husbands found out about their relationship. However, they did not bother about it and their true love made them leave the patriarchal bondage and stay together. Do not miss this movie!


  1. Water(2005)

The movie is all about oppression of a particular community of women and traditional religious beliefs. The movie related to the tragic lives of Hindu widows in Varanasi who are not allowed to remarry. The woman in the movie is a widow and is forced into prostitution who later falls in love with a guy younger than her. She then explores her sexual desires with the guy and experiences her first sexual awakening. She liberates herself making a decision to stay with the younger guy. This is a really nice movie that everyone should watch.


I feel Bollywood should make more such movies as women’s sexuality is not to be controlled, it’s time we should accept it happily.

Let’s discuss it openly!



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