Human Trafficking is regarded as a kind of international terrorism. It is the second largest crime in the world after drugs and arms trafficking. Women are being trafficked from countries like Nepal and areas like West Bengal and Bihar in India among others, organ trafficking is yet another aspect of this trade.

The women of Nepalese villages are often promised a chance to uplift their families from a life of marginal subsistence; however, children as young as nine are ultimately sold and trafficked across the Indo-Nepal border for a life of brutal sexual and physical exploitation.

According to the estimates of FBI around 700,000 girls and young women from Nepal pass into India as victims of sexual trafficking. Due to this, in some of the villages of Nepal, there are reportedly few to no girls between the ages of 11-20.

Does exploitation due to poverty and inequality has no end?

What has recently come out is that it was never only about sex and prostitution. It is way more than that.

Selling of human tissue, rather say, Skin Trading!!! Ever heard of women being skinned alive? I seriously get goosebumps whenever I think of it. I never imagined something as gruesome as this could ever take place until I stumbled upon an article published on Youth Ki Awaaz by Soma Basu.

Skin trade came into light with an investigation carried out by an Indian journalist Soma Basu of “Youth Ki Awaaz” who gathered all the necessary information to find out whether skin trade in India and Nepal exists and what she actually found out was really scary. She is the one who has exposed this racket. The investigation reports that traffickers target fair-skinned women from villages in Nepal to meet huge demand in India.

The trade has become so lucrative that many people have rapidly joined the network and is growing intensely. The brothels in Mumbai have actually become skin factories catering to this rising demand and the women who are skinned are afraid to complain as they have seen other women being tortured to an extent that we just can’t imagine.

The most surprising fact about this skin trade is that the skin tissues are extracted from the women’s bodies without them being aware of it!

The skin is removed by sedating women and the skin tissue is removed from their backs and limbs, they are often tied to the beds in order to make them think that the client might have done it as some clients have weird fetishes. These women are just not aware that they have been stripped off their basic human rights. The women who are not intoxicated are often made to sign a statement that negates the systematic oppression and violation of freedom, basically a form declaring that their skin donation is voluntary.

The skin tissue is then sold to pathology labs in India for around 50-1 lac for around 100 square inches of skin. It is then exported to the US-based firms that manufacture skin and tissue derivative for cosmetic surgeries. The skin tissue is also used for lip augmentation and plastic surgeries, services for which India has become a growing market. Moreover, these skin tissues are largely being used in penis and breast enlargement.

While the global aesthetic industry grows by leaps and bounds the poor women of the society continue to receive the raw end of the deal.

Under the Nepalese Law, the sale or exporting of human tissue is illegal. But when has something illegal stopped anyone from doing it?

According to a published report, The Nepalese Women, Child and Social Welfare Minister issued the following statement, “we will investigate and if found to be correct, the government will make all efforts to stop this heinous crime and punish the responsible.” Ensuring such action is a promise that is crucial to keep in order for the basic human rights of these women to be upheld.

And the day passes by, inhuman tortures on these poor women continues just to allow rich people have the extravagance of flaunting their fair skin, fake breasts and penises and so on!


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