Reflecting the vibrant culture of Rajasthan through glistening activities and events, Pushkar Mela or Pushkar Fair is definitely worth a visit. From witnessing the beauty of the golden sand to embracing the vibes of Rajasthani culture, Pushkar is the place to have an incredible experience.

From the story of Lord Brahma dropping a lotus in the Pushkar Lake making it “Holy” to the magnificent camel fair and entertaining music and dance fest, the ancient town has an intense tale to tell. And the best time to experience this tale is now.

There are multiple reasons for why you should attend the Pushkar Mela at least once in your life and here are the highlights of Pushkar Mela 2017 and also why you need to book your Rajasthan trip right away

  1. A Perfect Hot Air Balloon Ride

Imagine the surreal feeling of floating higher whilst the crowds diminish! If you have ever dreamt of a hot air balloon ride, Pushkar is the place to be. A hot air balloon ride is easily accessible and amusingly attractive during the Pushkar Mela. The colourful camps and in numerous livestock look spectacular as you enjoy the view floating high in the sky.


2. One of the largest livestock’s fair in the world

The fair is believed to be the world’s biggest cattle fair, pulsating camel race, some of India’s best handicrafts and Rajasthan’s true cultural prowess on display. The camel fair is graced by the presence of over 50,000 camels and more than 10,000 global travellers.


3. Fusion Live Band Performances

Enjoy the heart-warming performances by the renowned Fusion Bands and Singers that too for free! You can also have a good time by sitting around the bonfire underneath the starlit sky and amazing music.

4. The Bizarre competitions

The Fair is also known for extremely out of the box competitions that are organized here.  The longest moustache competition is one the world-famous competition where you can enjoy all those hunks of Rajasthan donning moustaches as long as a rope. Apart from this, there are a bride-groom contest, matka phod contest, tug-of-war, turban tying. Don’t back down from being a part of these amazing contests.

5. Camel Rides

When you are in Pushkar you do not have to just sit and watch the trading of camels, you can also go for a camel ride. It will be a marvellous experience to ride on the humpy back of the camel across few areas of Pushkar and enjoy a bit of camel safari experience.

6. Enjoy variety of cuisine

Pushkar is heaven for foodies with a range of roadside restaurants, rooftop cafes and eateries serving a variety of food. Some of the not-to-miss foods in Pushkar are Kadhi Kachori, Malpua, Falafel, Muesli and fresh fruit bowl. And, yes, for a full course meal don’t forget to try Dal, baati and churma-The authentic Rajasthani Dish. Besides, Rajasthani cuisine you will get a variety of Lebanese and Italian Food. Some restaurants not to miss are La Pizzeria, Doctor Alone, Om Sai Restaurant, U-turn Café and Sunset Café.

7. Amusement Rides

Relish your childhood days back and go watch a Circus, go for rides like Tora Tora, Columbus, Roller Coaster and more. Grab a candy and some street side food and enjoy the moment!


8. Desert Camping

The fun of Pushkar doesn’t fade away as the sun sets down. It only takes a step up with a whole new bunch of activities awaiting you under the star-lit sky. Colorful tents spread across the length and breadth of the Pushkar fields, you get to enjoy the chilly nights under an open sky. Bonfire and Music will just make your experience better!

The beauty of nature and culture is in its best attire at Pushkar Fair. The colourful stalls, the decorated camels, the beautiful people and the divine Pushkar Lake will definitely satisfy the traveller inside you!

Few Tips

  1. You can also trek to Savitri Temple in the morning or evening to catch a beautiful landscape of sunrise or sunset from this point of view.
  2. If you want to add a religious dimension to the trip, be a part of the religious event where people take a dip in the Pushkar Lake to redeem themselves.
  3. You can also experience a Tanga Ride, preferably from Ajmer to Pushkar.
  4. You can buy authentic Gulkand as the town is surrounded by rose fields.

How To Reach

Pushkar is easily accessible by road, rail and air. The nearest airport is Jaipur, which is 150 km from Pushkar and the nearest railway station is Ajmer. Pushkar is located 15 km from Ajmer and you can hire a cab or bus to reach Pushkar.