Ever had someone grab your butts? Made a comment about your breasts or about your dress?


Most of us have experienced some form of sexual harassment in our lives, yet it’s only now people are having the confidence to talk about it.

The allegations of sexual assault and rape against Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein have started a worldwide conversation surrounding the topic, with thousands of people sharing their stories on social media using the hashtag, “#Metoo”. The sheer volume of such stories has made it just impossible for anyone to overlook, which, frankly, is the point.

The #Metoo hashtag has been used over 100k times following the Hollywood actress Alyssa Milano, who encouraged women to use the hashtag if they had ever been harassed or assaulted.

Here are few #Metoo tweets:





There are men who rape and abuse women, despite the fact that their actions are morally wrong and illegal. The men need to be taught about how to treat women right, from an early age as possible. And if the entire #Metoo campaign reaches even a handful of these men at the right time and opens their eyes and ears, then every painful share is worth it!

Days after the viral #Metoo campaign, the writer Benjamin Law decided it was not enough for survivors to just share experiences in order to make some positive changes. “Guys, it’s our turn,” he tweeted. “After the endless #MeToo stories of women being abused and assaulted, today we say #HowWillIChange.”

Actually, it’s men’s turn now to step up to the plate. The men are tweeting the hashtag #HowWillIChange, giving details about everyday changes they will make to challenge sexual harassment.

Few tweets:


Men began posting in response to Benjamin’s original tweet and on their own profiles about things they will do to fight back against sexual harassment and assault. They are now sharing how they will do better with #HowWillIChange.

It is really commendable that men like Benjamin Law taking a stand on such matter; however, it is also important to remember that men are also survivors of sexual harassment and assault. The change has to start with the men stepping in and speaking out.

So, before you bluster and defend to prove that you are a good guy and not all men are same, take heed of what we women are trying to tell you. Don’t tell us we are wrong, tell us how to plan and fix it!