Writing is hard. It’s hard to do, hard to sell if you do it, hard to find readers if you sell it, and hard to earn a living if you find readers. But writing is work. Writing is, in short, a job.

This may seem obvious, but the point needs to be repeated now and then because there are lots of forces that would make you think that writing is not a job. Sometimes those forces are corporations trying to convince you to give away your work for “exposure”. Other times they take the form of exceptional writers, trying to give some “real talk” about the writing life.

People born with the desire to become doctors, lawyers and engineers are encouraged at every step. However, creative writers live in constant doubt: “Am I doing the right thing? Should I do something else?” If every potential creative writer was encouraged that they can succeed, and it’s possible to make a living out of writing, I believe there would be more creative writers in the world today.

Writing is a thing you can do it if you like it! It’s a thing you might get paid for if you are good at it!

Think about a job you had at some point of time that you loved. Right out of college, I took a job in a marketing firm. I loved the job as it involved meeting different people, going out for field work, branding and marketing your own creations, but eventually, I started getting frustrated and left the job. My point is, there are always things you love and hate about a job, that’s the nature of the beast.

Being a writer, I agree it was my hobby to write and later, I planned to turn it into my career. Initially, people used to ask me, “What do you do?” I would answer, “I am a writer, I write.” Further, they would ask, “Ok, apart from that?” Still, I would say, “I WRITE and that’s my job.”

However, I am happy that these days’ people do understand the importance and the effort we writers put into writing and yes, they do praise me and I really feel glad about it. Things have changed a lot from the past and the change is good.

The writing career has become so diverse that if we talk about content writing, it could mean writing about a bakery item or it could mean writing about some travelling experience and if you are lucky enough, you can even make it to a travel blogger. To decide what suits you the best is really difficult, it is mostly experimenting and taking a risk.But one must give it a start.

However, taking up content writer as a career in India is a great choice. Someone who is proficient in any language and well-versed with the art and style of writing content for diversified online portals must go for it.

Writing is a job; I can do wherever I go. I don’t need to live near an employer or even in a specific region with access to customers. All I need is internet access, and I can work anywhere in the world. This flexibility gives enormous freedom and also increases my job security.

I feel blessed that I can settle anywhere and write. So much freedom, so much security!

Though taking up such a career option is challenging and risky, it is still worth taking!

So, whatever you do, do it well because you have immense power in your words!